6 years sentence for misappropriation

Tracey Tiran of Pak Island, was sentenced by the Waigani National Court today to a six- year jail term at Bomana.

A K500, 000 cheque was released from National Planning to Tiran’s company – Sits Up Services Ltd for the “Sapulau Integrated Coconut Processing” project to be set up in Manus.

The money was used between March 1, 2011 and Oct 25, 2011 however the Coconut project was not set up.

Central man arrested for misappropriating over K1m

Konia Lohia, 33, from Porebada Village, was charged with three counts of misappropriation and three counts of money laundering; money belonging to the ANZ Bank.

Lohia was employed by the bank as Asset Finance Officer between May 2013 and March 2015, when he and two other bank officers invented a scheme where they falsified and processed debit vouchers through several unsuspecting accounts and credited Lohia’s accounts.

He resigned from the Bank in 2015 and in 2016, wrote to the bank admitting the fraud and promised to repay the money, which to date he hasn’t.

Lae City Council members arrested

Investigators have found credible evidence to charge certain employees of the Lae City Council. 

Of the four, three are cashiers and one is an accountant. 

The charges laid are:

1.   A male cashier has been charged one count each on misappropriation, abuse of office and false pretence for the amount of K11,897.44.

2.  A male cashier has been charged one count of misappropriation and stealing for an amount of K20,029.62.

4 year sentence for former national judiciary staff

A young mother who breached that high level of trust without regard for the integrity of the office of a judge, was sentenced to four years in hard labour today for misappropriating more than K25,000 two years ago.   

The third arm of government is of highest integrity and cannot be shattered because the fabric of society weaves from what they do as custodians of the rule of law.

Former government officer found guilty

He will return to court on May 14 where submissions will be made on his sentence.

Kevin Unobo, 49 years of age from Gebea village, Central Province, was convicted on Friday for dishonestly applying to his own use a Toyota Land Cruiser, the property of the Central Provincial Government.

He was the liaison officer between the Central Provincial Administration and office of the (former) Governor Alphonse Moroi, in purchasing nine vehicles worth K900,000 for Central police to use in security operations for the 2012 General Elections.

Man acquitted of misappropriation

Blaze Mara of Kapo village underwent trial in the National Court on allegations he misappropriated a total of K546, 005.63 – monies belonging to Population Service International.

He was employed with the NGO when he allegedly misappropriated the monies between 28 February 2014 and 6 August 2014 in Port Moresby.

The trial at the Waigani National Court saw the state call in its witnesses against Mara.

Duo guilty of misappropriating PNGTA monies

Andrick Yangro and Joan Kalama were convicted for misappropriating a total of K138,226.10 between the months of May and July in 2016.

Yangro was caretaker administration officer while Kalama was Chairperson of the board.

They were appointed on the interim board following the suspension of PNGTA l General Secretary Ugwalubu Mowana.  

The National Court reinstated Mowana on 21 July 2016.

That evening, around 7pm, Yangro got the payroll officer and took them to the PNGTA office to process payroll for the staff, an amount of K98,000.

Wartoto admitted back to hospital

His admittance follows interim orders that were issued by the Waigani National Court on 23 February by Human Rights judge, Justice David Cannings.

The interim order allowed for urgent medical attention to be given for his “deteriorating medical conditions”. 

Wartoto, who was sentenced on 23 June 2017, was in hospital from March 2017 to 10 January 2018 when he was taken back to Bomana without being formally discharged.

He was among those prisoners who were removed from the hospital on 10 January on orders from the Correctional Service Commissioner, Michael Waipo.

Fraud squad arrests Gulf man

On 2 February 2018 in NCD, detectives from the National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate arrested and charged Luke Damu, from Wowobo village, Kikori District.

He has been charged with:

Man arrested over 67 counts of misappropriation

Solomon Junt Warur has appeared in the Waigani Committal court where the allegations against him were read and explained to him in court.

He is in court over allegations he misappropriated a total of K875, 301.90 over a period of five years. He was charged with 67 counts of misappropriation and 67 counts of obtaining monies by false pretense.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said the allegations are not from a one off incident but 67 instances that took place between 2 July 2010 and 11 May 2015 in Port Moresby.