Minister for Education

Minister queries why murder suspect had multiple identities

In a statement, Minister for Education, Nick Kuman, questioned why the suspect, known as Andy Paro from Hela Province, was posing as a teacher under different names and file numbers.

“I am directing the Department and TSC to conduct a full investigation while I consider an independent team outside the Ministry to also conduct an investigation so that we clean out the mess in our systems and processes,” said the Minister.

Library and Archives play critical role in PNG’s history

Kuman said, following the recent launch of the National Library, Archives and Records Services 10 Year Strategic Plan 2016-2025, library and archives provides a source to store knowledge.

He said this knowledge can be retrieved in the future for education and other use.

Kuman highlighted that in the past, Papua New Guineans basically depended on the memory to remember everything that has happened in the past.

Archive facilities must be centralised, says Minister Kuman

Minister for Education Nick Kuman admitted that the Government has failed miserably in this area.

The National Libraries, Archives Records (NLAR) is one of the three entities under the Ministry of Education and plays an important function in the education system.

Kuman said a lot of statistics available in the country many years ago have not been put together in a centralized place for the use in the future.