Mining tech prevents poisoning

This follows a recent mercury research study in Wau, Morobe Province, conducted by the MRA, PNG University of Technology and the University of Kyoto.

The study was conducted on the Japanese Mercury Recovery Kit, a prototype amalgam retorting machine for the recovery of mercury and to critically assess its overall performance, efficiency and ease of operation.

The MRA said in a statement that it is an appropriate technology and should be promoted and used in PNG’s artisanal and small scale gold mining industry for mercury and recycling recovery.

Dangerous chemicals being smuggled into area: Residents

This advice follows claims by residents that dangerous chemicals are being smuggled into the mining area.

Miner Martin Deforest Nilee told Loop PNG: “Some people are now trading these chemicals for gold and a lot of miners also need these chemicals and are giving away gold for it”.

“The thing we’re concerned about is the threat to human lives and also the environment. What will happen to the ecosystem, the fish and prawns, our daily food from rivers and creeks? Most of these chemicals are being used upstream,” he claims.

Mercury a sought after commodity in gold rush sites

They desperately need mercury to separate fine gold from dust, and a lot of these miners are searching for avenues where they can find mercury.

People who have access to mercury are now coming up with all sorts of deals, some in and even cash.

A person living close to the gold rush fields and also a village chief in the area Steven Sareu told PNG Loop that without mercury people can’t sell their gold.