Melissa Tatut

Social media spotlight does wonders in Madang

A few weeks back, Loop PNG published a story about a photographer who used her hobby to capture Madang Town in its true deteriorating stage.

After the story was published the media spotlight, an upgrade was done about the potholed roads and uncollected piles of rubbish in the main town area.

As a follow up, photographer, Melissa Tatut has again taken time off again to capture the current work that is being done after her pictures were being published by several news agencies for the public knowledge.

“They are finally fixing up the roads,” says Melissa.

Photographer uses hobby to campaign for Madang

Melissa took to the streets of Madang last Thursday with her camera to capture still pictures of potholes, uncollected piles of rubbish, betelnut spittle on roads and pavements as well as the dirty beach fronts.

She posted the pictures on social media via Facebook and tagged every other mainstream journalist whom she was friends with to spread the word on behalf of the rest of the residents’ of how bad Madang has become over the years.