Maurie Wasi

Former PNG striker pursues coaching pathway

After making the move to New Zealand 15 years ago, Wasi has been involved both as a player and a coach, but as his knowledge for the game has developed, the latter has become his new passion.

“I’ve been playing but also involved in coaching for the last six years and I’ve been really getting into it,” Wasi said.

“I’m really enjoying coaching so I want to see if I can go far with that and if I’m good enough.”

Wasi: Let’s not compare soccer and rugby league

A Papua New Guinea’s professional footballer currently playing in New Zealand, Maurie Wasi shared his thoughts about the codes when asked  to compare Football with Rugby League in the country.

"I don’t think it is right to compare Football with Rugby League and we shouldn’t as both codes have their own challenges,” Mauri said.

 Adding that, every sport has its challenges but can feed off each other to better themselves and their players’ development and welfare.