Domestic markets equally important

Aimed at improving access to markets and developing modern chains, the NCDC Markets Division hosted a Market Open Day at the Gerehu Food and Vegetable Market on Friday to showcase the crucial role of markets in PNG.

Capitalising on the increased flow of people and activities through Port Moresby in preparation for the APEC meetings in November 2018, NCDC Markets Division is keen to promote the city markets.

In urban areas, a significant part of the population depends on markets for their food supply, livelihood and access to information and services.

More markets to be built within NCD

NCD market manager, Charlie Pengi, said this after the opening of the new Boroko market earlier Friday.

Pengi told Loop PNG that plans are currently underway to develop small markets within and around city limits.

“Mushroom and informal markets are popping up everywhere in the city.”

He said NCDC is looking at developing those small markets as well to make sure that the population of market goers is distributed fairly throughout the city.

He added that these markets will mainly focus on fresh produce.

Challenges in Agriculture projects

The project aims to promote local production enhancing food security;

The farms operation began in March 2014.

The farm employs approximately 160 workers and produces currently around 12 Metric tonnes of prime vegetables weekly.

Apart from supplying markets in PNG they also export weekly to Fiji.

But like any other Agriculture business they face challenges in sourcing finance, land issues, lack of infrastructure, transportation and foreign exchange.