VIDEO: Stabbed with a butter knife

Rose Wouwou of Mundrudeu village in the PNKA LLG , Lorengau was arrested after she stabbed the victim with a butter knife on the 20th of June 2017. 


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​Transferees to request stop on dismantling

Their lawyer, Ben Lomai, on Friday verbally asked the court to issue orders to stop the dismantling at the Lombrum centre, restore electricity, power, security and stop the possibility of their resettlement in PNG.

Lomai told the court there have been breaches to their human rights, and the court had the power to grant the injunctive orders they are seeking.

He said right now they are being overcrowded in two compounds after the dismantling of some of the compounds commenced early this month.

Police: Sexual offences increase in Manus

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said between 2014 and July 2017, statistics of sexual offences have increased.

Due to the rise in cases, he has raised concerns, especially of those committed against minors and within the family unit.

PPC Yapu said he will be working closely with the Community Development Office, LLG presidents and ward councilors to conduct awareness at their levels to address the issues.

​Chief: Refugees in POM will return to Manus

More than 90 refugees and asylum seekers have been transferred to Port Moresby since the dismantling of the Manus centre commenced. Some believe they will not return and be resettled in Port Moresby instead.

But Kantha said they were sent to Port Moresby for medical assistance.

“Given the pressure on the Lorengau Hospital, we are working to see how best their medical needs can be supported.

“No one from the medical transfers will be settled in Port Moresby or anywhere else. Only refugees with a visa and job placement can be considered for settlement,” he said.

Timber pierced SHP man’s head: Police

Police in Manus have arrested 2 suspects for unlawfully wounding the Erave man at upper ward 6, Lorengau town.

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspects were drunk and approached the victim at his house where they hit him on his head with a piece of timber.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, where the embedded object was removed.

“Otherwise, he could have died had the timber penetrated his skull,” said PPC Yapu.

Manus small businesses get financial training


The financial literacy training was conducted by the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea’s Microfinance Expansion Project and supported by the Australian Government through the Manus Support Community Development program (MSCD).

The Central Bank estimates 70 to 75 per cent of Papua New Guineans are excluded from accessing the formal financial sector, which leads to people being unable to save money and spend within their budget.

The financial literacy training was rolled out to six of the 12 Local Level Governments in Manus Province.

Manus counting underway

The counting was deferred to today due to heavy rain in the province.

The counting venue, Sahat hall in Lorengau, has been used for counting for over 40 years now and seen very little to no renovation at all.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said counting had to be deferred due to its leaking roofs, which pose a possibility of ballot boxes getting wet.

He said heavy rain since Saturday morning also caused flooding into the counting venue.

​Manus prepares for officials’ training

Election Manager Sponsa Navi told Loop PNG that training will take place on Saturday.

Navi has also been instructed by the Electoral Commissioner to commence counting the same day after training.

This comes after counting was deferred from yesterday (Thursday) to Monday, July 10.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this week said counting in Manus will commence next Monday. However, that has been moved back to Saturday, according to Navi.

Gamato: Wuvulu Islanders can vote in Lorengau

Manus has only one district, which is Lorengau, and Commissioner Gamato has allowed for them to vote in Lorengau.

This is because transport will be an issue for those from the LLGs of Awa-Wuvulu and Nigoherm, to go back and vote in their LLG.

Manus is the largest maritime province in terms of sea area and most islanders rely on zoom to travel around the province.

Gamato, during an update conference in Port Moresby, said polling started on Saturday and is progressing well.

PPC: Take ownership of election

Yapu said people should be allowed to exercise their democratic rights to cast their votes without undue influence, threat or fear.

He is asking for the continuous support and corporation from the people in ensuring a free, fair and safe election is conducted in the province without any disruption.

He said the campaign period which ends today has been quiet and peaceful so far and wants this to continue into polling and counting.