Manus reports arson incidents

The 38 suspects were charged with Arson, Damaging Properties and Stealing.

They appeared in Lorengau District court before Senior Magistrate Francis Kalai on Monday May 14.

Their case has been adjourned to May 30 for mention. All were remanded in custody at CS Lorengau.

Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said the incident occurred at two different locations at Lopahan village, Bupichupen Lele Madih LLG and Liap Village in the PNKA LLG on Sunday May 6.


Strong winds, heavy rain wreak havoc in Manus

Information provided to this newsroom by Mbuke community in Port Moresby, from reports gathered from their families back home, described it as a cyclone although authorities are yet to issue official reports.

Amongst the damages to properties, sources reported 1 casualty.

The casualty, a child, sustained head injuries after he was hit by a tree. He was taken to Pelipowai Health Centre and later referred to Lorengau General Hospital.

The extent of the damage in other parts of the province is yet to be established.

Manus police arrest refugee over property damage

PPC Manus chief inspector David Yapu said the refugee, named Ali Reza Razmi Zirakan, aged 41, was drunk and insulted the victim and damaged their property.

The incident occurred on Saturday night (April 21) at Katen Tingou upper ward 5, Lorengau town.

The victim was offended by such abusive words referring to her private parts and reported the matter to Police, which resulted in Zirakan’s arrest.

PPC Yapu once again warned the refugees who are married to local women and living with them in the community to respect the community and abide with the laws of PNG.

Accident claims life of construction worker

The incident occurred yesterday (Feb 28) at 11am at West Lorengau refugees’ camp site.

Manus provincial police commander, chief inspector David Yapu, said the deceased, from Morobe Province, was employed by NKW as an operator.

Yapu said the deceased was lifting up a big heavy duty power generator at the west side camp when the crane lost its balance to the left side and capsized, with the deceased trapped inside the cabin.

He tried to free himself and his other colleagues but without success.

Refugee involved in fight with soldiers: Police

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the refugee was armed with a small knife when he tried to attack a soldier where a fight took place at 4pm.

He said other soldiers came to their comrade’s assistance while bystanders came to help the refugee.

Police arrived at the scene and dispersed the crowd, containing what could have been a nasty situation. 

Yapu said no one was seriously hurt or injured but warned people to respect the rights and freedom of refugees moving around in the town.

Manus police awareness program starts

The awareness is an important part of their policing program in the wards and local level governments, where the provincial police commander and his team visited Koronat Island and Timonai villages.

Police in the province recently created new divisions to deal with sexual offence cases and family and sexual violence and abuse cases.

The visits were used to carry out awareness on sexual offences, including family and sexual violence and abuse as well as general law and order issues such as homebrew production and consumption.

Manus police cells overcrowded

Provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, is now raising concerns over the number of detainees and remandees in the new police station building.

Currently there are 45 detainees and remandees in the police cells.

Yapu, who spoke to this newsroom, said the new police station has separate holding cells for male, female and juvenile detainees but the 45 is a lot.

“We want to keep a small number of detainees at one time at the cells,” he said.

Sexual abuse escapees surrender

The two suspects who gave themselves up are 27-year-old Oli Egi of Bulihan village, who was charged for rape, and 44-year-old Robber Matthew of Lihai village, who is facing sexual touching charge.

They will be slapped with another charge of escaping lawful custody.

Police allege that Egi was also involved in the attempted rape of two females at ward one on the day he escaped.

He will be questioned over the incident and is expected to be slapped with further charges on top of the initial rape charge he was in CS custody for. 

Remandees on the run in Manus

The remandees aged between 19 and 44 years old were detained for various serious offenses including robbery, murder and rape charges.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, David Yapu said they saw their opportunity to run after they were released to take part in a volley ball competition.

Yapu is now appealing to the public and the community to report any sighting of the escapees to police as some of them are dangerous and can pose a threat to the community

Youth loses hand in sorcery alleged crime

This resulted in the arrest of two others from the same village, who are now in police custody.

The prime suspect, Simon Pokoi (30) of Warambei village, in the Lelemadih Bupi Chupei LLG, was arrested and charged for causing grievous bodily harm.

The victim of the sorcery accusation related violence, Jeffery Pominis, had his left hand chopped off with a bush knife.

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said Pominis was chased and attacked by villagers of Warambei.