Manam Resettlement Bill expected in parliament

The bill was to be tabled in parliament in July however Madang leaders were asked by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to have the bill refined and then presented when Parliament sits on October 27th.

More than 10, 000 Manam islanders continue to live in care centres on three plantations in Bogia.

They have been waiting for resettlement for 11 years.

The proposed Manam Resettlement Authority functions as stated in the bill are to:

•Identify and acquire land for resettlement of displaced persons, including negotiating with landowners in Anduram:

Player dies, games deferred to next week

One of his play mates told LOOP at the burial site this afternoon that Pila went with his friends to transport empty tins stored in big containers to sell them  in Lae.

It was revealed on their return they were drinking and the vehicle encountered unstable movement and suddenly the vehicle crashed into trees near the road and rolled over..

LOOP was told  that two men dwere pronounced dead after the accident and the driver was tajen to Modilon hospital in a  critical condition.

Lions roar for local charity in Madang

Participants gathered as early as 7am to join in the charity drive which is aimed at raising money for the club's various charity activities.

The walk began at the Laiwaden Oval and headed towards town before turning into Kalibobo Drive and ended at the Tusbab beach.

Madang Lions Club president Joseph Natera thanked all those who took part in this worthy cause.

He extended a special word of thanks to students of the Divine Word University for attending the event and encouraged more youths to join the club.

Madang man convicted for killing policeman

Jeremmie Iko from Giri village, Bogia, Madang Province was found guilty by Justice George Manuhu last week for assaulting a policeman in his sleep.

The assault resulted in the rupturing of the policeman’s spleen, causing his death.

The court found that Iko on April 12, 2012 at East Boroko attacked the officer who was sleeping while he was under the influence of alcohol.

The court found the victim had owed Iko some money and the attack was in relation to the debt.

Manuhu said both the victim and Iko met while living in Kimbe.

Children falling sick, no help for PNG volcano victims

The volcano which dominates the island erupted two weeks ago but the island's residents are yet to receive any aid.

World Vision says at least a thousand Manam Islanders who were living close to the volcano have been evacuated to Bogia on the mainland but several thousand people remain on the island.

The Madang area programme manager Reuben Lulug says his team on the ground has reported back to the head office in Port Moresby but help is yet to arrive.

PNG Loop’s 5@5

4 year old killed as parents flee attackers

A four-old boy was burnt alive by angry relatives as his parents fled to safety in a violent pay pack attack at Haven village, Ambunti in the East Sepik Province on August 1.


Police prosecutor objects to bail application for soldiers in student bashing

Minister urges colleague over controversial canneries deal

Member for Madang and Minister for Petroleum and Energy Nixon Duban told PNG Loop today that he had not been shown any of the project’s designs or plans on how they will establish the project in his electorate.

“The project is in my district and I am not aware of any of the scopings or designs by the developer of the project. I am in total darkness, and yet the project is in my place,” a confused Duban said.

Famed lawyer backs anti-cannery protest

An email from longtime Madang resident and environmentalist Nancy Sullivan was answered this week by Mr Robertson, who is known to many as the leading player in a series of TV debates called ‘Hypotheticals’.

He is also renowned for his involvement as a lawyer in celebrity rights cases.

He has replied, not to say he will get personally involved, but voicing his strong opinion on the issue.

The email is as follows:

Anti-PMIZ politician bids for celebrity lawyer’s help

Mr Fairweather says he has emailed famed human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, asking if he will take up the cause of Madang landowners in their dispute with the PMIZ (Pacific Marine Industrial Zone).

The MP, a member of the PPP group in government and Member for Sumkar, is named among 11 defendants in a case lodged in the court by Trade Commerce and Industry Secretary John Andrias.

Mr Andreas is seeking to prevent the defendants from meeting landowners and doing anything to hinder the US$300 million fisheries project.