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Madang Regional petition unique: Judge

Justice Collin Makail of the Waigani National Court yesterday (Friday) said from observation, it is a unique case as it involves a parolee who contested the election.

He said from past observation, the National Court has been asked to give its opinion on the age and citizenship of parties involved in petitions, but not one involving a parolee.

He made the comments when dealing with two petitions that were filed disputing Peter Yama’s election as Madang Regional MP.

Yama declared but yet to announce political side

Declared earlier tonight Yama exceeded the absolute majority of 79 401 votes.

The Governor elect managed to collect 16 261 votes bringing his votes to 85 382 votes at the final elimination.

Meantime, runner up and NA candidate, James Yali came out with 72 763 votes collecting 10 434 votes.

The total allowable ballot papers are 158 80 with 35 150 exhausted ballot papers

Following the declaration of the newly elected Governor for Madang, the question now remains which camp he will choose.

COUNTING: Madang Regional progressive result – after elimination 28

His votes, totaling to 61,850, will be distributed among the remaining top candidates; People’s Labor Party leader Peter Yama and National Alliance candidate James Yali.

The tally now stands at:

Counting: Madang Regional progressive result- after exclusion 27

Madang Regional - after Exclusion 27

Counting: Madang Regional progressive result- after count 89

Madang's provincial Returning Officer Peter Yasaro says they will be going straight into quality to beat the time.

He said Madang is dragging behind and therefore would like for the regional seat to be at least in the last stage of the process.

 After count 89 the progressive results are as follows;

Counting: Madang Regional results after Count 76

The following is a progressive tally;

COUNTING: Madang Regional progressive result – after count 62

The progressive tally:

COUNTING: Progressive results for Madang regional: After Count 33

Counting resumed at 10am this Morning after it was suspended at 3am earlier in the morning.

The progressive results are as follows;