Leadership Tribunal

Tribunal awaits Pruaitch’s appeal

Members of the tribunal, led by Chairman and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, adjourned the hearing pending the outcome of an appeal Pruaitch filed in July.

The appeal is on the jurisdiction of the tribunal, whether the leader has the right to be heard by the Ombudsman Commission after “further” investigations on the allegations.

Pruaitch faces tribunal

This comes after the Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia, today announced the appointment of two senior magistrates who will assist Chairman of the Leadership Tribunal and Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika, to enquire into the misconduct allegations against Pruaitch.

The Aitape-Lumi MP was referred by the Ombudsman Commission in 2008 to the tribunal over allegations of misconduct in office following investigations.

Namah dismissal recommendation stayed

This follows the grant of leave today for Namah's lawyers to file judicial review in the National Court.

Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dinake granted leave to Namah to apply for Judicial Review against the decision of the Leadership Tribunal that was delivered on April 9.

The court will review the decision of the Leadership Tribunal, in particular, the tribunal's failure to give Namah an opportunity to address the tribunal on penalties after he was found guilty of nine counts of misconduct in office.

Court wants full transcripts of Namah’s tribunal

This is the judicial review case which Namah filed seeking leave of the court to judicially review the process in which he was found guilty by the Leadership Tribunal and recommended for dismissal.

Arguments of the leave application were heard on May 30 by Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dinake and a decision reserved.  

During submission on May 30, Namah’s lawyer, while seeking leave, put to court that the tribunal members fell into a constitutional error in not following due process in the appointment of the tribunal.

Group calls on Governor to step aside

The Group said with the decision of the decade-old Tribunal still hanging over his head, he should clear his name before he continues his role, especially in dealing with the Papua LNG Project.

The pressure group said they do not want the Governor to move ahead with plans for the Papua LNG Project until the decade-old leadership tribunal is concluded.

Pressure group coordinator, Miro Peter, said the project is bigger than the Governor.

Haiveta responds to leadership tribunal statement

Governor Haiveta said the statements by the AG were unbecoming of a leader, improper and was an attempted interference in the roles of independent legal entities.

He also said the statements were preposterous and he does not believe there was a case to answer to.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Steven, was quoted in one of the dailies last week saying the leadership tribunal could be reconvened and the charges revived and that Haiveta was still bound by law to answer to the charges.

Namah calls on OC to revive charges

Namah said this following the recommendation by the Leadership Tribunal on Monday for his dismissal.

The outspoken leader said he has been singled out following the events of the political impasse and will challenge the tribunal’s decision.

In a media conference this afternoon, Namah said from the outset that as a leader he is bound by the laws of the land and accepts any error of judgement on his part.

However he said the tribunal’s ruling on a single count was harsh and oppressive and he will challenge it.

Lawyer: Namah singled out

Namah’s lawyer, Greg Sheppard, made submissions on the two allegations the leader pleaded not guilty to.

Sheppard told members of the tribunal the incident of Namah’s alleged interference with the former district administrator was a one-off incident.

He said that took place 10 years ago and the victim, Conrad Tilau, has since been promoted to the post of acting provincial administrator.

Namah leaves evidence against him unchallenged

The tribunal sitting resumed this morning for the leader to give evidence after an indication was given yesterday to members of the tribunal and the counsel assisting tribunal that he will give evidence as a witness today.

However this morning, his lawyer Greg Sheppard told the tribunal he received instructions last night that his client will not give evidence.  

This week in court- review

The petition that was filed challenging Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko’s win has been listed to go for trial.

This is the first election petition, out of the 77 that were initially filed, to have its trial date set in the Court of Disputed Returns.

Filed by Samson Kirilyo, the trial will be heard at Waigani National Court buildings from November 20-24.

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