Leader of Government Business

Parlt adjourns

Leader of Government Business, James Marape, clarified that the adjournment was not to avoid the Vote of No-Confidence but government business will prevail as it is.

Leader of Government Business and Finance Minister, James Marape, when clarifying the adjournment today in Parliament, said the Vote of no-confidence is still open to the Opposition to move the motion if they think they have the numbers.

He said the Government is intact and confident that they will outnumber the Opposition if they move the motion.

Public servants warned on betelnut chewing

Marape issued the warning after discovering a sink filled with betelnut spittle. This was at the first floor of Vulupindi Haus at Waigani, Port Moresby.

He said most times, we tend to blame the buai sellers for the rubbish and buai spit all over the place but evidence proves otherwise.

Marape further called on Secretary for Finance, Dr Ken Ngangan, to get tough on staff who chew during working hours and terminate them.

Minister Marape also went on social media and made a statement regarding this issue.