Lae Police

20 arrested over Angau disturbance

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that the incident happened on Saturday between 9pm and 10pm.

“From police reports, there was a fight which broke out outside Huon Gulf Hotel between security guards and a group of men. The fight spilled out onto the main road where Police were able to disperse the crowd,” Wagambie Jr said.  

Lae armed robbery suspects arrested

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said the suspects were part of a gang that held up staff of a mobile phone company outside ANZ Bank, Market Branch.

“Good investigative work by Lae CID led to one of the suspects being intercepted whilst travelling on a vehicle along 7th Street,” Wagambie Jr said.  

“He led police to the next suspect.”

Wagambie Jr said the second suspect is currently out on Court bail for another armed robbery case.

“When he was taken to his residence for a search, the magazines of a pistol which was stolen were found.

Man killed during marriage dispute

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said the incident occurred on Saturday night at West Taraka.

“There was a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. The husband badly assaulted the wife, resulting in the family members of the wife stepping in and attacking the husband, who is now the subject of murder,” Wagambie Jr said.

Wagambie Jr said the man, who was stabbed in the fight, was pronounced dead at the Angau Hospital.   

“The suspect is a prison escapee,” said Lae’s police boss.

Police establish presence in rural Morobe

Four police personnel took up the post there last Thursday.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Augustine Wampe, said that part of Morobe has a big law and order issue.

He said the people had been calling for police presence for years now, and they have finally identified members to serve there.

The PPC, who went with the members on MV Labi to Morobe Patrol Post last week, said they withdrew police presence there in early 2000 due to the deterioration of accommodation and the police station.

Police chief thanks Lae residents

Wagambie Jnr says there were no reports of incidences and attributed the peaceful season to the behaviour of the residents.

"Police were out in full force, manning the streets on a 24-hour rotation,” said the metropolitan superintendent.

“Beats were done at Eriku, suburban police on patrol and the streets were so quiet.

“I thank the public for observing the season.”

He revealed that a number of drunkards were locked up but later released when they were sober.

"The same thinking must be extended towards the new year.

Lae police launch festive season operations

Under the code name ‘Candlelight’, Lae city police will ensure this festive season is enjoyable and trouble-free.

During an operations briefing yesterday, Metropolitan Commander Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said they want every residents in Lae to enjoy and celebrate Christmas and New Year in peace and harmony.

"We would like every residents and households to celebrate this festive period with total joy and peace in their heart.

Notorious suburb needs a permanent police station: Kaiwa

This call follows the burning of the police post, which also acts as a community hall, on Monday night.

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, and Superintendent Operations Fred Kaiwa, made it known at a media conference yesterday that a temporary post will be set up, but there is a need for a police station.

The police post was established three years under the reign of former metropolitan superintendent Iven Lakatani.

You will be hunted down!

This was the warning Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, gave to settlers after the police shootout at Five-Mile early Saturday morning.

During the gunfight, a suspect was killed while two others were in critical conditions.

A few hours later, the Lae police boss conducted an awareness at the Five-Mile market.

“I warned the community that they must appeal to the youths to stay away from crime. They were man enough to confront police so they met their fate,” Wagambie Jnr said in a statement.

​Police officers trained to prepare competent court files

All these were made possible through a one-week investigative interviewing course. The workshop concluded last week in Lae at the Bumbu Barracks police training cell.

Investigative interviewing is a key component to police personnel becoming efficient and professional in dealing with suspects for proper conviction of crimes committed.

Lae police unmoved by criminals’ threats

Metropolitan Superintendent Wagambie Jr made this comment following reports of criminals and their sympathisers from West Taraka issuing threats to shoot any police personnel. 

It followed a successful dawn raid last month, resulting in the arrest and shooting death of gang members suspected to be involved in a string of robberies in the country’s second largest city.