Lae acting Metropolitan Superintendent Timothy Pomoso

Notorious suburb needs a permanent police station: Kaiwa

This call follows the burning of the police post, which also acts as a community hall, on Monday night.

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, and Superintendent Operations Fred Kaiwa, made it known at a media conference yesterday that a temporary post will be set up, but there is a need for a police station.

The police post was established three years under the reign of former metropolitan superintendent Iven Lakatani.

Lae police give suspects until 10am to surrender

The four main suspects are wanted for the torching of the community hall that houses the police post at West Taraka.

Superintendent Operations Fred Kaiwa and his men were at the location yesterday, giving community elders until this morning to bring out the main suspects.

Chief Inspector Kaiwa said the suspects are known to police and their names had been handed over to community leaders to bring them in by this morning.