​He gave thumbs up after brutal killing: Court

Justice Panuel Mogish found Gibbson Maraen guilty for brutally chopping Wari Kuni on his face and head on 10 December 2015, which resulted in his death.

The two were among a group of men who consumed alcohol that day when a fight broke out at 3pm. He went home soon after.

At around 6pm, he left the house and attacked Kuni with an axe. The deceased tried to tackle Maraen but slipped and fell in the process.

Maraen swung the axe at the deceased, cutting him on the right side of his face, right side ear and the left side of his face on the fourth occasion.

Man sentenced 25 years for killing wife

Jeffery Saa was sentenced by the Waigani National Court on Monday after he stabbed his wife in full view of the public on 14 March 2014 at Waikele market, Gerehu Stage 6 following an argument.

The deceased was selling betel nut at the market when she was approached by her husband who was armed with a knife.

Saa stabbed his wife in the back with a knife which penetrated through her chest wall piercing her heart which indicated that a substantial amount of force was exerted to inflict such wound.