Justice Foundation for Porgera

‘A generation without education’

The Justice Foundation for Porgera is campaigning against the renewal of the mine’s licence, claiming obvious breaches in agreement by Porgera Joint Venture.

The Justice Foundation for Porgera labeled local children “a generation without education”.

The Foundation said over the years, the mine had done catastrophic damages to the people and the environment, but the company and the government had failed to address those issues.

It was claimed that while there are over 4,000 children in the Special Mining Lease area, none of them go to school.

K42bn lawsuit against State

Chairman of the Justice Foundation for Porgera, Jonathan Paraia, announced the action taken on behalf of the landowners on November 30th.

On Friday November 30th, Paraia, backed by supporters and a legal representative, announced the lawsuit against the state.

“This is a statement on behalf of the landowners of the special mining lease of Pogera in the Enga Province of PNG. The people and landowners of Porgera are united. The chief of the Porgerans now speak in one voice.