Judicial and Legal Services Commission

Reappointed Judges sworn in

Their reappointments were announced on 23 May by Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission Alfred Manase, following a meeting on 15 May 2019.

Waigani based civil court judge, Justice Ere Kariko, whose term will expire on 7th July this year, was reappointed for another ten year term. 

Madang-based and human rights administration judge, Justice David Cannings, whose term will expire on 24 June was re-appointed for another three years.

Tribunal on Sakora dissolved

This was established today by Tribunal Chairman, Justice Bruce Robertson, following Sir Bernard’s resignation that was announced last Friday by Attorney General Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, Davis Steven.

Steven said the resignation of Justice Sakora effectively terminates formal investigations into allegations of misconduct against him as initiated by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and a separate Leadership Code investigation process instigated by the Ombudsman Commission.

Justice Sawong resigns from judiciary

Chairman of Judicial and Legal Services Commission Ano Pala announced the resignation of Justice Don Sawong from the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea.

Justice Sawong’s resignation is effective as of 31 March 2017.

In a press statement dated 12 April and released on April 21, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, on behalf of the Government of PNG, thanked Justice Sawong for his services to the judiciary.

Justice Sawong’s resignation comes two years short before his current term expires. He has served a total of 19 years as a judge.

Nablu is fourth female judge appointed

Justice Leka Nama Nablu has been appointed a permanent judge of the National and Supreme Court following her first appointment as an acting judge on June 6, 2014.

She served the judiciary bench for almost two years as an acting judge prior to being appointed a permanent judge. 

Justice Nablu now joins Justice Catherine Davani, Justice Berna Joan Collier and Justice Hitalai Polume as the fourth permanent female judge.

Her appointment was made by the Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and Justice Minister Ano Pala on Dec 11, 2015.