Joseph Sukwianomb

UOG receives students’ petition

The petition was for the school’s administration to address pressing issues on campus. 

In a statement, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb acknowledged the receipt of an official letter dated 13th of April.

He stated that he also appreciated the manner in which the petition was presented; through a professional and formal request.

The chancellor understood the context and content of the issue and challenges that students have rightfully presented and he is working cooperatively and in consultation with the team to address these challenges.

UOG responds to critics

UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG that the administration is managing the situation on campus well.

Sukwianomb was responding to a ‘letter to the editor’ in one of the dailies.   

“Facebookers may have read from some desperado University of Goroka critics on some issues and challenges to UOG today,” said the Chancellor.

“Some of the issues raised in the letter are genuine and are being addressed by the University authority; still some are being investigated and are being assessed for costs, etc.

​One year later: UOG still awaits funds

UOG chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb said: “It’s putting a huge pressure because we rely on Government for funding, as the major sponsor.

“This money is to meet expenses we incurred last year (during the students’ boycott).”   

He confirmed that the university administration is patiently following up with the Chief Secretary to the Government and Finance Secretary.      

UOG yet to receive K8m government commitment

As per the National Executive Council decision in 2016, the total recovery cost for the three public universities that were affected by conflict and protest in 2016 was about K63 million.

In the breakup, the PNG University of Technology was allocated K40m, University of PNG K12m, Office of Higher Education K3m and UOG K8.

So far, UPNG and Unitech have received some of the funding however UOG is yet to receive its K8m.

UOG Vice-Chancellor, Professor Musawe Sinebare and Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb are in Port Moresby to follow up on the government’s commitment.

​Foreign students at UOG are safe: SI High Commission

Loop PNG was reliably informed by the Solomon Islands High Commission this morning.

"They (Solomon Islands students) are residing on campus, with Vanuatu students who are under bilateral scholarships," said Solomon Islands Education Attaché, Claire Damutalau.

"I talked to the chancellor who is responsible for the international students and he assured us student safety is guaranteed on campus (because) there are Police presence on the ground.

"They are safe on campus and receiving meals at the campus.

No death at the University of Goroka: Chancellor

UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb confirmed with Loop PNG that information circulating on the social media, especially Facebook, is just a rumour.  

“I think those are speculations, like we heard from UPNG last week,” Sukwianomb said. 

He said the brief he received from the UOG vice-chancellor and registrar this morning was, all students were hospitalised but no deaths.      

“Most students injured were from Enga and Western Highlands.

Police move in to control students clashing at Goroka campus

“The situation got out of hand, yesterday and today,” UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG this morning.  

He cannot confirm the number of students injured but said the casualities are from both sides was a result of stones being thrown and fired from slight shots and also spears from bows and arrows.  

 “A number of students have been injured and taken to the hospital,” Sukwianomb said.

“We have called Police in just now to, first stop the fight and evacuate the injured students.