Inspector Mark Mosinakave

​NCD police on high alert: Inspector

Inspector Mark Mosinakave said there is enough manpower to respond to crime alerts in the city.

He highlighted that only selected police personnel are currently on duty at the three counting venues in NCD.

Inspector Mosinakave said criminals and opportunists should not take advantage of the counting underway as police officers are always on alert.

This follows a robbery yesterday at a Stop N Shop Supermarket located at Rainbow, where a suspect was apprehended by police after robbing the supermarket.

​Judge wounded during robbery

Justice Lawrence Kangwia, who was at Stop N Shop Rainbow at around midday today, was stabbed by armed robbers, who stole his keys and escaped in his vehicle, with cash from the supermarket’s cashier.

According to Inspector Mark Mosinakave, Justice Kangwia, who is Kavieng’s resident judge, was reaching for his key in his pocket when he was stabbed.

Insp Mosinakave said the suspects then fled in his vehicle in the direction of Baruni road.

However, they were forced to abandon the vehicle after the engine seized along the road towards the Telikom station.

Stop N Shop robbed, suspect apprehended

Police in Gerehu caught the suspect along the Baruni road after the incident at around midday today.

Inspector Mark Mosinakave, who was at the scene, said four suspects robbed the supermarket and escaped in a stolen vehicle, which belonged to Justice Lawrence Kangwia.

Insp Mosinakave said the suspects stabbed Justice Kangwia in the shop, removed his keys from him and drove towards the Baruni road.

Gordons police keep on toiling

This was stressed this morning by Inspector Mark Mosinakave when they received a donation of new tyres from a local tour business.

Mosinakave says the precincts covers a vast area and caters for a population of 300,000 living within the area.

He commended his officers that work despite critics and says that they go out of their way at times to ensure  that there is a  law and order presence in the area.

At present the station has only one operational vehicle, Mosinakave says that the other one is now at the workshop for repair.