Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC)

ICCC ceases investigation into MoU

This was after considering that the MoU does not have any anti-competitive clauses and that competition concerns are not likely to be established.

On 16th August last year, it was reported that ANCL, a subsidiary of Air Niugini Limited, and Hevilift entered into a MoU for the usage of a Hevilift ATR-42 freighter aircraft by ANCL for freighter purposes. The ICCC then initiated inquiries into the arrangement.

PMV operators warned against overcharging

A number of complaints received and recorded at the ICCC office relate to PMVs charging above the ICCC approved fare of K0.90 for all routes in NCD. The reason for the overcharging is a result of the current road construction in various parts of the city causing traffic congestion.

ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain, said PMV operators are reminded to refrain or immediately cease this conduct/practice or will be prosecuted under the Prices Regulations Act (PR Act) and the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002 (ICCC Act).

ICCC to start investigation into Markham Farming Company’s acquisition

In a statement, the ICCC advised that even though MFCL and NBPOL announced that the acquisition was completed on 23rd August, 2018, both parties never obtained a clearance or an authorisation from them. 

ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain, said it is important for businesses to apply for clearance or authorisation from the ICCC to safeguard the concerned parties from potential legal action from the ICCC or any aggrieved third parties under the ICCC Act.

ICCC gets power to prosecute

Parliament passed the amendments last week.

A very happy ICCC team today welcomed the new law that now gives the competition watch dog some power to prosecute.

The amendments are for section 81 and 82 of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002, provisions for voluntary merger notification.

New retail fuel prices announced

According to the ICCC’s calculations, retail fuel prices (for petrol, diesel and kerosene) will all decrease throughout PNG as of 08th July, 2018.

The decreases in retail fuel prices for this month are attributed to the decreases in their Import Parity Prices (IPP) for this month. The reductions in the IPP are mainly due to the drop in crude oil prices in June.

ICCC will investigate Laga acquisition

ICCC says as the Competition Watchdog, they were not aware of this acquisition until it was reported in the media.

In a press conference today, the ICCC expressed its disappointment over the acquisition of Laga Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Steamships Limited, by Paradise Company Limited, a subsidiary of Nambawan Super Limited, without its knowledge. 

ICCC calls on BSP to reduce rates

ICCC Commissioner and CEO, Paulus Ain, said this following the announcement of BSP’s 2017 financial results of its income to increase by K1.99 billion and its assets to increase by K22.4 billion

In a statement, Ain said over the years BSP has recorded considerable profits and has done so again for the 2017 financial period despite a very challenging economic and business climate.

ICCC authorises Telikom, DataCo merger

ICCC Commissioner Paulus Ain made the announcement during a media conference yesterday.

The application was jointly lodged on the 05th of April 2017, by Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited and Telikom.

KCHL also applied for clearance together with the authorization application, but subsequently withdrew it. As a result the review of this authorization application did not proceed until the 30th of January 2018, when KCHL formally advised the ICCC to recommence the assessment of its authorization application.

Cutting tariff will be commercial suicide: ICCC

The Commissioner said currently, core PPL infrastructure around the country are on intensive care unit and they are unsure how a tariff reduction will improve PPL’s services.

The comments follow statements by PPL acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock last month that a reduction to the current tariff by half would make power accessible for many.

ICCC on rental prices

While acknowledging this, the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) Commissioner, Paul Ain, highlights that there are a number of reports that the government has released, the recent being in 2010.

The Commissioner points out that the 2010 “Housing and Real-estate review” recommended for a guiding code to be developed to regulate the market.

Meantime, Ain says the Code is with Treasury, with the challenge now to recognise which agency will implement the code.