Human rights judge

Senior police officer breached rights: Court

Human rights judge, Justice David Cannings, found former Tabubil Police Station Commander, Kami Yanjuan, to have breached some serious human rights laws when he and his men raided the house of a Bruno Yara.  

The plaintiff, Yara, with his wife had alleged that the first defendant, Yanjuan, and other members of the Police Force were involved in five incidents in which their human rights were breached.

Women, juvenile lock up must be separate

Unfortunately in Papua New Guinea, very few police facilities have separate lock ups for females and juveniles.

Human rights judge, Justice David Cannings, says it is a very bad situation for females and juveniles who are particularly vulnerable if they are in custody.

“Not so much when they go to a jail, all the prisons have separate facilities, but police lockups, in the smaller centres, even in my town, Madang, we don’t have separate facilities.”