Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae

First African judge sworn to PNG bench

Today saw Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dingake become the first African judge to be sworn onto the Supreme & National Court benches of PNG.

Witnessed by the PNG Judiciary and Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae, Justice Dingake took his oath and made his declarations.

At the time of his appointment to the PNG Judiciary, Justice Oagile Bethuel Key Dingake (pronounced -Oa-hile Bethuel Key Dina-ke) served for 15 years in the Botswana courts.

​St John Ambulance praised

Speaking at the St John Ambulance Ball and 60th Anniversary last Saturday in Port Moresby, Sir Bob said St. John Ambulance has been serving our community, by our side in our time of need for the past six decades.

“Caring for others is at the heart of the St. John community here in Papua New Guinea and right across the world. It is hard to imagine just how far reaching and, frankly, ancient the St. John organisation is.”