Goilala MP William Samb

Basil, Samb reelected to lead PANGU

The election of his deputy and Goilala MP William Samb was also nullified.

The decision was made in favour of Pangu Pati president Patrick Pundao who sought the ruling in his submission via his lawyer Justin Isaac.

However, both were re-elected to lead the party.

The court had ordered for a re-election facilitated by the registrar of political parties and candidates, Alphonse Gelu.

Complying with the court order, party executives and members convened at a meeting on Monday, October 1st, which was supervised and facilitated by Gelu.

Southern Region sees 37 Principals suspended

Samb said the decision by the Education Department to suspend principals for charging fees on student is a ‘gross injustice’ to principals.  

“I ask the minister and secretary to come to common sense and think realistically (because) the principals and Board of Managements knows what is happening on the ground. 

“I have two letters here; one is from Sacred Heart Tapini High School and Mainohana Secondary in Bereina.

“Both principals are suspended because of charging project fees,” the deputy Pangu Party Leader said.

Community tells story of neglect

Through songs and short dramas, they retold the story of how they've been neglected for the past 40 years.

Located 40 kilometres outside of Port Moresby, the community has been denied the most basic services such as schools, health centres and road links.

Samb sympathised with his people but told them to take the negativity as a challenge.

"I don't want to visit this place next time and hear sad songs or all negative talk.

"From here on, we should all be speaking one language and that's positivity," he said.

Goilala MP pledges allegiance to Basil

Samb made this known to the people of Bulolo in Morobe Province recently while officiating at the annual district show.

“For good or worse, I will be loyal to Pangu Party and leader Sam Basil as we see each other and most of all, the party to the general elections.

“I want to thank Bulolo district for your support in winning the by-election,” Samb said.

Samb won the by-election following the death of former Member Daniel Mona.

His election into Parliament makes him the second member to join the one member Pangu Party, headed by Basil.

Govt halts landing fees for Third Level Airlines to rural airstrips

That was revealed in Parliament this morning by the Minister for Civil Aviation Davis Steven. He was responding to questions asked by Goilala MP William Samb.

The Goilala Electorate in Central Province is mountainous and airstrips play an important part in service delivery because it does not have a road link.

Samb acknowledged the establishment of Rural Airstrip Agency to fix the many airstrips in his electorate but question if Government had plans to encourage airlines to operate on those routes.