Gari Baki

Kua questions why police are protecting politicians

He said police processes  now seem to evolve to a point where politicians are clearly protected and quarantined from the normal processes of suspected crimes, investigations, arrests, charges and prosecution.

“What is clear is the requirement by the Police Commissioner that approval be obtained by his rank and file officers from him before an elected member of parliament is investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted.”

Kua said the effect of this is that, a wall is built around these politicians.

Police officers offered human rights training

He made this comments after the completion of a human rights training course offered by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to 30 senior police officers Port Moresby and Central Province.

The workshop, one of a series held in PNG by the Geneva-based humanitarian organisation, aimed to provide a forum for police officers to discuss issues and learn how to apply international standards in their police work.

The workshops covered such topics as international human rights law, arrest and detention, the use of force and firearms and maintenance of public order.

Do not cause violence tomorrow, appeals Baki

The country’s legislators will be debating the vote of no-confidence at 2pm tomorrow.                       

“It’s important for the public to know that police is not there to dispel (them) to go into Parliament,” Baki said.  

“I do not want anyone to feel intimidated, but there are processes and procedures when you enter parliament.

“I appeal to Port Moresby to be peaceful.”

Meanwhile, Baki said the University of Technology and University of PNG campus is quiet because of the current police presence. 

Police to investigate student confrontation

Assistant Police Commissioner Crimes, Victor Isouve has been directed by Commissioner Gari Baki to visit the hospital and collect every detail about the injuries sustained by students.

Baki also said he will be giving directions to the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent and the NCD/Central Command to investigate the conduct of the UPNG Student Representative Council President.

Commissioner Baki confirms that 23 students injured


Four of those students were critically injured, most received injuries as a result of the stampede from the main road at the University while most received injuries from the tear gas fired.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said there were no students killed as a result of the confrontation.

Speaking to the media in a press conference this afternoon, Baki said: “It is unfortunate that this has happened.

More contempt motions filed against Baki

This time, it was filed by Thomas Eluh, following the recent appointments in the Police Hierarchy and especially over the position of Assistant Police Commissioner Crimes.

Eluh and his lawyers filed the motion yesterday (Tuesday) after an appointment was made for Victor Isouve to that position. Eluh was terminated from office in September last year however that was stayed by the National Court pending a judicial review which is still ongoing in court.

Jema lawyers are expected to serve notices today.

Commissioner Baki summoned by Judge to go to court

Sir Gibbs Salika issued the order for Commissioner Baki to explain the consequences of his actions in closing the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate on April 18.

The orders came after Fraud officers investigating the case of Bogia MP, John Hickey could not access the files in the office in time for the trial that was supposed to commence today in Madang.

He said Commissioner Baki should not treat the Fraud office as ‘his private office’ as the office that investigates fraud matters. 

APEC hosting duties loom amid corruption arrests

The National Court issued orders on Monday to stay the suspension of the chief anti-corruption investigator Matthew Damaru after he was removed from office early Saturday morning. A further order was issued to stop any other form of intimidation or interference by the state or its actors in their investigations.

However, Monday's court decision led to an open confrontation by rival elements at the fraud squad's headquarters. 

Former attorney-general slams 'untouchable' PM & police chief

Police officers loyal to the commissioner locked down the fraud squad's office with chains on Monday, after the country's top anti-corruption policeman Matthew Damaru was granted a court order to stop the commissioner from suspending him.

Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Chief Superintendant Damaru purportedly over an unrelated investigation in Simbu province.

He denied the suspension was due to the fraud squad's recent arrest of Attorney-General Ano Pala, Supreme Court judge Bernard Sakora, and the Prime Minister's lawyer Tiffany Twivey Nonggorr.

Baki flawed over suspension, says former CJ

The comment from Sir Arnold came as Commissioner Gari Baki suspended anti-fraud detectives who had been investigating a major fraud case implicating the prime minister Peter O'Neill.

After being the subject of a stay order since 2014, the investigation resumed two weeks ago, prompting the arrests of the prime minister's lawyer, the attorney-general and a Supreme Court judge last week.

Baki had accused the suspended fraud squad officers of insubordination and circumventing police procedures by not keeping him informed of the fraud case.