Fun Run

Promoting positive messages

This year marks the 20th year of Trukai Industries Ltd's sponsorship for this event.

Sunday, June 16th, is the date set for the 2019 Trukai Fun Run.

According to the PNG Olympic Committee, the annual Trukai Fun Run is the biggest event of its kind in the Pacific, with its popularity growing every year as tens of thousands of people take part in what has become a nationwide event.

Fun Run numbers down


The fun run was held at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium at Konedobu this morning.

With the fun run coinciding with the XV Pacific Games and also the new running route, these factors have contributed to the lower numbers.

The fun run ended at 7:11am with many participants arriving late.

As pictured, these young girls had just arrived late from Sogeri.

 Also Loop PNG when coming to the venue via the Poreporena freeway witnessed many participants still making their way to Konedobu.