Free Health care

Free health policy questioned

Basing his statement on a recent World Bank report, Ian Ling-Stuckey said one of the great mistruths of the People’s National Congress government is the claim that they have introduced a new free health care policy.

Free health care to be reviewed

He made note of the allocated budget, saying it was an issue to be discussed.

Weighing options now, a very small standard fee may be established, particularly for emergencies, Loop PNG was told.

“So that the patient is not compromised because of the user fees. But still, subsidised specialist care and free primary health care still remains,” he said.

The free primary health care program was launched by the government in 2014.

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O’Neill confident to form next government

He made this known during the ground breaking ceremony of the new Apenda Provincial High School in his electorate.

He said this new government will continue its free education and free health care policies.

“The People’s National Congress Party-led government is fully committed to our Tuition Fee Free Education Policy and to building education from the grass-roots up,” the Prime Minister said.

“Our government will continue to invest in education through all provinces in the country, and Apenda High School is no different as it is the future of our children.