Freddie Kumai

Kumai committed to helping his people

Freddie Kumai said for too long the people of West New Britain, especially Talasea electorate have been neglected and have missed out on spinoff benefits from the oil palm industries.

"We have been missing out and it's about time we take back what is rightfully ours.”

 "It is our birth right and we must take it back," Kumai told the people at Valopu village.

Contesting under the New Generation Party, Kumai said school drop outs and family will be his main concern if he wins in this election.

Talasea people living on unripe fruits

Concerned leader in the area Freddie Kumai told Loop PNG today that the people are now walking long distances looking for water and food as a result of the current El Nino vlimate effect hitting the area.

He said Talasea LLG should be declared a drought affected zone.

“The 10 ward council with an estimated 18,000 plus population are devastated by the prolonged  drought.