Fr. Victor Roche

Catholic Bishops Conference condemns Mendi rampage

Fr. Victor Roche, General Secretary CBC, calls on the government to bring those people, including the leaders, to justice.

“They have not only damaged the public property but also irreparably damaged the image and dignity of our country,” said Fr. Victor.

“We have given wrong signals to the participants of APEC; we may be ready with roads, buildings, hotels, high powered security and well trained staff. But we, the people, are not ready for such an international meeting.

Experiencing firsthand the new Cardinals’ elevation

“There were long queues at the entrance to St Peter’s Basilica already at 8am. There is a strict security scanning for all who enter St Peter’s Square or the Basilica,” recalls Fr. Victor Roche, the general-secretary of Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG/SI.

“We who are delegates of the new Cardinals were able to get special seats. The Basilica was full and the Ceremony started at 11am with the Latin hymn beautifully sung by the Vatican choir. It is a time-honoured ceremony to elevate new cardinals.”