K60 million spent to prepare for FIFA U20 games

This was revealed by Minister for Sports, APEC and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, during a media briefing today.

Tkatchenko said half of the component came from remaining funds from the XV Pacific Games while the National Government put up the remaining balance.

 “The savings from the Pacific Games helped fund a lot of the infrastructure development.”

He further said “we also had a budget of close to over K30 million so that we get the facilities ready on time.”

30 days to go before FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup

The Local Organising Committee is working around the clock to ensure that all is ready before the kick-off on November 13.

Preparation is gearing up with LOC’s overlay teams and competitions team working closely with the venue owners to ensure that all is ready for LOC to move in when the bump-in commences in two weeks.

 Asset allocation has been completed for all venues and bump-in is awaiting installation of temporary fencing for  all training venue sites and match venues. 

Fifa says anti-racism taskforce had 'completed work'

The Fifa Taskforce Against Racism and Discrimination was set up in 2013 to develop strategies to tackle the issue.

Fifa general secretary Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura said: "It had a specific mandate, which it has fully fulfilled."

But former Fifa vice-president Prince Ali bin al-Hussein said: "For it to be disbanded with Fifa considering its work done is extremely worrying."

Beautiful Madang to host Momase regional qualifiers

Madang Soccer Association President Ray Romo in a meeting with the Local Organizing Committee and Chairman of Momase Soccer Federation Sigi Beche reiterated that MSA is looking forward to the tournament and will do everything possible to make this tournament a success.

“As the President of one of the oldest association in the country, my executives and I are ready to host the tournament, at the same time provide necessary support to the local organising committee.”

Preparations for FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup stepping up

A joint committee for security has been created for security operations during the World Cup.

This comprises of the PNG Defence Force, Customs, National Airport Corporation, Department of Transport, the National Maritime and Safety Authority, National Security Advisory Council, PNG Fire Service, NCDC and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) as the lead agency for public safety and security plans.

Chief Executive Officer of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Seamus Marten said preparations are going according to schedule.

Program aims to increase popularity of women’s football

PNG Football Association in partnership with FIFA will launch the FIFA ‘Live Your Goals’ concept this Sunday at the Bisini Soccer Oval in Port Moresby to encourage women in football.

The objective of the campaign is to increase participation of girls and women, increase the popularity of women’s football locally, nationally and globally, spark, foster and generate excitement about women’s football.

Scala quits as FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee chair

In what represents a severe blow to President Gianni Infantino just three months into his tenure at world football's governing body, the Swiss-Italian has quit an important role at FIFA after the ruling Council was granted the power to dismiss the heads of the independent watchdog committees without consulting its membership.

The unprecedented move was approved at the Congress, the first to be held under Infantino's leadership, with an overwhelming majority of 186 votes to one during yesterday's meeting

FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer assesses preparations in PNG

It was an opportunity to gather information regarding the health situation in the region and the condition of medical facilities as well as to initiate discussions with the authorities for the future implementation of FIFA’s global health initiative “FIFA 11 for Health”.

Planning underway for FIFA U20 World Cup

After meeting recently with FIFA delegates at the FIFA headquarters at Zurich, Switzerland, local organising committee (LOC) chief executive officer Seamus Marten said it gave them the chance to discuss key functional areas.

Marten travelled with a team in the areas of Security, Medical, Competition, Broadcast and Media personnel from the LOC.

These are the key functional areas that will start the planning process for logistics.

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Asian man in police uniform warned

Central police commander Laimo Asi says that the Chinese man pictured wearing police uniform and serving customers at his supermarket at Moreguina station, has been warned to stop impersonating police.

FIFA to punish Papua New Guinea for Olympic playoff no-show