FIFA World Cup

St. John and PIH to provide services during FIFA World Cup

The various trips and meetings by the FIFA medical team to the country culminated to the signing of a service agreement with the two medical organisations yesterday.

Local Organising Committee (LOC), Chief Executive Officer, Seamus Marten said in order to meet FIFA  requirements and standards, the LOC will be purchasing medical equipment to provide to St John to use.

"St Johns has been a long-time supporter of football in Papua New Guinea so we feel this  acknowledgement is appropriate from the football family. 

World Cup emblem launched

This key visual asset of the Women’s U20 FIFA World Cup to be held on PNG soil was unveiled as a key milestone on the road to the November Women’s U20 FIFA World Cup, and one that the host country is extremely proud to share with the world.

The emblem blends unique attributes of the FIFA World Cup and of Papua New Guinea as host nation. The creative inspiration for the emblem was drawn from both PNG’s geographical regions and its heritage.