Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG

Hagen Lutheran members clean up filth

Residents have revealed that responsible authorities have failed to maintain the city since the election period.

The Lutheran congregation took the opportunity to clean the area, at around 5am today, as they prepare for their reformation day, which falls on the 2nd of November. This day would mark 500 years since Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church.

Richard Joe, one of the youth leaders, said: “This is the Government’s responsibility. Aren’t they feeling the effects of a filthy city?

“This is a reflection of our Government.”

​Lutheran Church loses its senior pastor

He was called home to rest on Saturday, 23rd Sept, while preaching at the pulpit.

After a short introduction of his sermon, he said a word of prayer and collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead after an hour.

In a statement, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea said: “Rev. Dr. Kemung was awarded his Doctorate in Theology from Neudettlesau, Germany, in 1996.