Vanuatu education ministry to donate to Fiji disaster relief

The Ministry, through its Pikinini Flash Appeal initiative, raised the money in contributions from schools, their pupils, other bodies and the public at large.

The education minister, Jean Pierre Nirua, is to hand the money to his counterpart organisation in Fiji when he visits there later this month.

Catholic Church talks on collapse in partnership with State

President of the CBC, Bishop Arnold Orowae said the historical relationship between the Catholic Church and the State has great potential for good.

“But this relationship is poorly understood today and lies in tatters and needs repair without delay.

 “The Catholic communities call on Catholic men and women and others of good will, who hold power and distribute services, to carry out their responsibilities with honesty, fairness, and justice, while also exercising a preferential option for the poor,” said Orowae.

O’Neill: Project fees to be refunded

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced this decision by the National Executive Council, saying this fee was not compulsory and was often excessive.

Prime Minister O’Neill said NEC has rescinded Clause (2) of the NEC Decision No. 358/2015 which had allowed for this fee to be collected.

Clause (2) of NEC Decision No. 358/2015 reads “approved in principle the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) Policy to improve on the management and disbursement of the TFF funds”.

PNG receives K13m from Japan for development program

The grant, five hundred million Japanese Yen, is also for the provision of buses that will assist with transport logistics during the APEC 2018 meeting.

The Exchange of Notes for implementing the Social Development Program was signed today between Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato and Japan’s Ambassador to PNG His Excellency Morio Matsumoto.

The provision of buses and education materials through this non-project grant aid program is in line with the development plans of the Government.

ARoB schools need discipline

According to an independent survey, a good number of students are into alcohol, drugs and sex abuse, while some are members of internet groups that supply pornographic materials.

Loop PNG was recently approached by a special investigation taskforce (independent group) leader who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The disease in PNG schools we do not want it in here and we are going to stop it once we find out the culprits who are selling drugs and porn to our school children,” he said.

PNG Loop's Breakfast Bites

Landslide affects Tambul road

The 40, 00 plus people of Tambul valley are in danger of being cut off from Mount Hagen because a section of the highway leading up to the station was washed away.

Manus Island Regional Processing Centre to close soon

Principals travel irks Education officials

Dr. Kombra issued this instruction through Secretary’s Circular Instruction No. 3 of 2016 on Wednesday, March 2nd.

He said it has come to his notice that principals and Governing Council members of schools have been travelling frequently to Port Moresby or elsewhere without appropriate approvals.

This matter has become a major concern to the Department of Education. 

"These trips are at times unreasonable and cost the institutions money."

Duban keeps education as top priority

During his electoral visit recently, Duban visited several schools in South Ambenob to honour his commitments in ensuring these schools receive funding  to improve their learning facilities.

Schools he visited includes: Transgogol High School, Bahor in Bilbil and Kil Primary in Fulumu and presented their school funding.

At Transgogol High School, the Member spent some time talking to the students on the importance of education as the resource to move the country forward and is the reason Government has been investing millions in.

Tech problems blamed for teacher pay woes

“The Alesco HRIS went down on February 6 and since then our Payroll Division has been working around the clock and in close consultation with the Department of Finance Payroll Support Division in an effort to rectify the problem in time to process the salaries but that has not been possible,” said Kombra.

 Kombra added that instead of letting public servants and teachers go without pay, the Payroll Division has processed the salaries manually and submitted the payroll files to the Department of Finance to send to the commercial banks.

Last quota of 2015 TFF paid

A total of K49.6 million was paid into school's accounts last Wednesday (Jan 27) after the department held back funds allocated for term 4 last year.

The funds were held back to avoid misuse of funds as schools were already going towards the end of the 2015 academic year.

Dr Kombra says the funds released last week and any savings schools may have from previous years should be used to commence the 2016 academic year which begins this week.

He said the Department is now preparing to release about K75 million for term one for the 2016 TFF funds.