East Sepik Provincial Police Commander

Woman hit, dragged in alleged drunk driving accident

East Sepik provincial police commander, Robert Gesa, said the vehicle, identified as a LandCruiser 10-seater, had gone off-road and was driving in the opposite direction when it hit the deceased in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Although reports are still sketchy, the PPC said police gathered that the driver had gone off-road while travelling from Wewak to the airport.

PPC Gesa said the vehicle hit the woman just outside the airport car park and dragged her body a little distance away from the airport exit car park.

Awareness necessary for residents: Police

This is one of the approaches that will be taken by the East Sepik police command to deal with law and order problems in the province.

East Sepik provincial police commander, Robert Gesa, said the province has a great burden of law and order issues.

He said there are different approaches that have been taken to address this however, all have been futile.

Gesa added that under community policing, awareness will be done to inform and educate people on the importance of law and order and how people should adhere to it.

400 security personnel for boarder operations

The boarder security operations will comprise of members from the Royal PNG Constabulary, Correctional services and PNGDF personnel.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Peter Philip said some members from a unit of the mobile squad in Port Moresby will also be sent to the province.

The launch of the operations will take place next Friday.

“I have 86 Police officers who will be coming from outside East Sepik,” PPC Philip said.

“The Mobile squard from Port Moresby will be split to support West Sepik and Western provinces,” he added.

Wewak police still pursuing Boram escapees

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Peter Philips says that 29 inmates broke out using a pair of pliers to cut through the fence to escape.

They were later sighted by some of the officer when the prison alarm went off.

PPC Philips says out of the 29, 10 were recaptured and the two that died are in the General Hospital in Wewak while the rest are still at large.

Police are working together with the CS to recapture these inmates.