East Sepik Province

Team to investigate Boram breakout

Police in Wewak are assisting the Correctional Service in locating the remaining inmates who are still on the run.

Correctional Service Commissioner Michael Waipo says funds are yet to be processed as accounts have just recently been opened for 2017.

The investigation team will be given only a week to carry out investigations into the breakout.

In the meantime, police and CS officers are working together to recapture the other remaining inmates who are still at large.

Sepik SABL case sent back to court registry

The matter was adjourned and remitted to the registry after parties brought to the Supreme Court’s attention that there is a misunderstanding amongst the parties regarding one of the orders that was issued in the October Supreme Court sitting.

The order, which parties have misinterpreted, is regarding the planting of oil palm, and any associated activities in relation to oil palm planting on the land after the high court upheld the National Court’s decision to revoke the SABL.

Neglect agriculture, head for self-destruction: Tomscoll

Any Government today and in future must invest between K1.5 billion and K2 billion, or 10 percent of the national budget every year, to grow the agriculture sector. This is if PNG wants to survive as a strong and healthy economy, he says.

Minister Tomscoll was speaking during the commissioning of the new rice milling machine in Angoram, East Sepik Province, last Wednesday (Nov 23).

“Food is the number one business in the world. Food alone is the biggest tradeable commodity in the world today.

Rural areas link-up after 41 years of neglect

The people of Kamatogu village have expressed gratitude to the local member and Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru, for recognizing their need to have road access.

These people have had no road or access to basic services like health and education for the past 41 years.

Children walk kilometers to attend schools and the sick die along the road whilst walking distances to seek medical treatment.

Sepik developers to vacate customary land

The people of Turubu LLG in the Wewak District and half of Sausso LLG, in the Yangoru-Sausia district, have given developers, Limawo Holdings of the Sepik Oil Palm project, a grace period of 30 days to vacate the 116, 144 hectares of customary land. The area has been restored to them by the Courts.

All motor vehicles, light and heavy machines, personnel and chattels that are movable are to vacate or be moved out from SABL 144c, including the logging sites and oil palm sites.

Permanent structures, including houses, may be dismantled within 30 days.

Over 30 singsing groups expected for Sepik festival

The festival will be staged at Indingai village in Chambri Lakes located in the Wosera/Gawi District of East Sepik Province.

Chairman of the festival fundraising committee Roy Sinde said they have extended invitations to other districts and villages throughout the province to be part of this event.

Sinde said there’re indications that groups from Drekikier and Angoram districts will be part of the festival.

Preparations are well underway for Sepik festival with fundraising events being hosted to raise over K50,000 to stage the festival.

Sepik festival gets K20,000 boost

The festival will be held at Indingai Village in Chambri Lakes, located in the Wosera/Gawi District, from October 28-30. It is one of the festivals NCC is involved in.

The festival aims to maintain and promote cultures associate with Spirit Houses in life form in Middle Sepik area of ESP.

NCC acting executive director Casper Damien said NCC has the responsibility to support events that preserve, protect, safeguard, develop and promote PNG’s diverse culture and arts.

Damien said by doing so, it helps maintain unity and national pride.

Do not demand compensation for developments, Maru urges district

Minister Maru said this when he officiated at a ground breaking ceremony for two new roads in his district last week.

The roads include Negrie to Tangori Road, which will be constructed at a cost of K800,000, and Negrie to Baimuru Road, to be constructed at a cost of K350,000.

Minister Maru said work on six other roads are currently in progress and in the next few weeks, the district will be issuing contracts for another three more roads.

Commissioner Baki opens new police station for Angoram

The people of East Sepik prayed and were blessed when Police Commissioner Gari Baki officially opened a new police station funded through the Constabulary’s modernisation program.

Two million was expended on this project and already, Commissioner Baki is contemplating on the prospect of increasing manpower in Angoram to maintain law and order.

While delivering his speech Commissioner Baki said the occasion may be small but it was also significant because it demonstrated the Government’s commitment to serving its people.

Yangoru Secondary parents call for investigation into school

The Parents and Citizens Association (PCA) is calling for a full investigation into the conduct of certain individuals whose actions are directly affecting the smooth flow of the school operations since 2013.

This is having a negative effect on the academic programs and infrastructure developments of the school.