East Sepik Province

Crocodile festival - a must see!

The Sepik River Crocodile Festival is a three-day cultural celebration staged annually in Ambunti, East Sepik Province, of Papua New Guinea.

The festival is usually held every first weekend of August and this year, it will be celebrated starting from the 5th through to 7th August.

The year 2017 marks the festival’s 11th anniversary. It celebrates one of PNG’s famous tribal heartland and the significance of the well-regarded crocodile - a significant part of the Sepik culture.

Bird aims to protect his people’s future

Since the alleged airport kidnap of another candidate, where Bird was caught in the middle, he says he will not get involved in anything else that takes place in Port Moresby unless it concerns the people of East Sepik.

Bird has his sight set on building provincial capacity so as to protect his people’s future from potentially poor financial and investment decisions of the government.

He says while he understands that the devaluation of kina is unavoidable, he is sure that an O’Neill-led government will not support his ideas at the national level.

Angoram polls: 19 teams done

Returning Officer Cherobin Vaiang is hopeful to get counting underway by this Sunday, at the Angoram Community Centre.

Over in Wewak, reports from yesterday put polling team 74 in the Boiken-Dagua LLG, on Yuo Island.

From Yuo, Team 74 will move to Karasau Island, and then onto mainland Boikin, before it proceeds into town for the training of counting officials.

​Heavy rains disrupt Wewak polls

Wewak Urban LLG, which was supposed to hold its final day of the two-day polling, got cancelled. The same went for Wewak Rural, Wewak Island, Turubu and Boikin-Dagua.

Wewak Returning Officer, Thaddeus Ulapapik, confirmed to this newsroom that weather was to blame for suspension of polling today.

He said polling will resume depending on the weather.

Ulapapik is confident polling will be completed within the gazetted 14 days.

Meanwhile, the RO appealed to candidates to educate their scrutineers so they do not delay the flow of polling. 

​Drunk youths disrupt polls, materials confiscated

The incident happened at the Wosera-Gawi Electorate on Monday afternoon during polling.

Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai said he is yet to get confirmation from returning officer and assistant returning officer on the incident.

However, he said intoxicated youths disrupted polling because their names were not on the roll.

Frustrated voters then clashed with the youths, making the terrified polling officials run away, leaving two ballot boxes behind.

Ralai said quick response from Police resulted in the confiscation of all polling materials.

VIDEO: Allan Bird's focus

In a recent statement, Mr Bird said his personal success in agriculture and tourism gives him confidence in the two sectors being improved in order to increase their earning capacities.

Mr Bird, like other East Sepik regional candidates, is still out in the rural areas of the province, driving the party's policies which surround economic and social development.


Salome Vincent reports 


VIDEO: ESP ready for the elections

TV Wan News was in the province earlier this week to speak with officials about the progress taking place.

Isolated villages in Yangoru plains connected by road

 In many villagers scattered among the vast stretches of grassland lacked a road network, and getting to town or seeking health and education services is hours walk from their villagers.    

Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister and local MP, Richard Maru under his term, had used public funds to build road to this isolated villagers, who called themselves ‘Wimori’  or Bandicoot because of the surrounding they live in.

Enough evidence in Daikoku robbery

Schneider Bishop of Biwat area, Angoram, East Sepik Province, returned to the Waigani Committal Court today where a ruling was made in the case against him.

Himself and four others, Solomon Gonol, Paul Michael, John Sabol 'Ala' and Jack Joe Hora, were arrested and charged over the armed robbery, which took place between 11.30am and 12midday at Harbour City at Konedobu on May 18, 2016.

It is alleged the five, armed with factory made pistols, held up the staff and customers of Daikoku restaurant and stole cash and items valued at K2,752.

Pangu leader on Momase tour

Basil expressed his concern over recent remarks made by Pangu Pati supporters during his provincial visit to East Sepik this week.

Basil said, the nationwide support for Pangu Pati is apparent. We are building and reinforcing our stand as a political party so that we can fulfill our ultimate objective of seeing a significant political change after the 2017 Parliamentary elections. In the process my team is building sustainable platforms for our values and ideas to embed amongst a growing and changing series of demographics in Papua New Guinea.