Dumen Xtras

A new direction in PNG’s music industry

For the Dumen Xtras, band member Kevin Aihphum says it’s now about collaboration.

Dumen Xtras is a collaboration of three of PNG’s well known vocalists; Gyat Lele, commonly associated with the name K-Dumen, and Kevin Aihphum, also from the K-Dumen band, with solo artist Mereani Masani.

Formed only recently, their songs like Seuna and Salamaua, sung with various other artists, have very quickly become audience favourites.

In a brief chat with Loop PNG, Kevin said collaboration is the direction all artists are taking now.

Gulf Isapea is a boastful song says composer

That’s how composer Sam Oeka describes his hit, currently sitting on fourth spot of Yumi FM’s top 20 hits.

The song, he says, is about the local rugby team - PRK Gulf Isapea.

Isapea means crocodile in the local Toaripe language (Gulf Province).

“Basically the song is about the Gulf Isapea team, referring them to crocodiles attacking,” he said.

Sam translates the song’s first verse as:

“This is my voice, hear my voice. Don’t be annoyed and just listen to my voice.  From the mountains to the beach, we are never afraid of you, we are crocodiles.”