Don Polye

Polye mourns Zurenuoc's death

Polye said the loss of one of Morobe’s elite sons is a loss for Papua New Guinea.

He acknowledged the former Chief Secretary’s contribution to the development of this nation, further describing him as “honest, hard-working” and someone who maintained transparency and accountability during his colorful career as a top public servant.

“Late Sir Manasupe was a very professional Chief Secretary who guided all department heads to serve the interest of the country,” said Polye.

Opposition committed to improve women’s rights issues

 Polye said this while commemorating the International Women’s Day across the globe tomorrow.

 He said the global theme: ‘Women in the changing World of Work; Planet 50-50 by 2030’ complemented the efforts put towards its achievement.

“As a father of daughters, I am a strong advocate of breaking the barrier in gender equality and women’s rights.

“We must understand to see our women and girls as equal player in the digital world,” he said.

Polye stated his Triumph Heritage Empowerment (T.H.E) party recorded a victory of two seats in the last election.

Mount pressure on your MPs: Opposition

Don Polye issued the call following the Supreme Court’s verdict last Friday rejecting the Ombudsman Commission’s bid to stop the Parliament from further votes, debate and deliberation.

He said the amendment bill infringed on the citizens’ constitutional right to contend for any public office.

“The court’s rejection does not mean that the bill is constitutional. The decision only reflected a distinct separation of powers among the judiciary, executive and the legislative governments,” he said.

Huge loss for media industry: Polye

“He had a distinctive voice with his fluency in English,” stated Polye. 

“He used to critically analyse important issues affecting the country and created forums on the radio airwaves to prompt policies and legislations to address them.”

Polye said late Hau’ofa had left a legacy with over 50 years of experience which young presenters would aspire to live by.

“He was a strong advocate for democracy, rule of law, good governance and systems of governance, amongst others.

Polye takes T.H.E party to rural areas

Polye recently visited Pura area in the outback of Kandep electorate carrying out awareness among the rural population.

The area is located among the rugged terrain and very remote but this did not stop Polye from visiting his people.

He took a 20 minutes helicopter ride from Mt Hagen to Pura in Kandep in the Enga province where he was welcome by more than 2,000 people.

Polye held meetings with tribal leaders and chiefs prior to his meeting with general population.

He took the opportunity to educate the people on his party’s policies.

Polye slams O’Neill’s rosy picture of LNG benefits

Following O’Neill saying bigger benefits are looming for the country in the next LNG projects at Port Moresby’s inaugural petroleum and energy summit, Opposition Leader Don Polye said  the Department of Treasury projected that an annual proceeds from the first LNG would be up to K4 billion.

Polye slams the PM for painting a rosy image about the industry to water down his government’s failure in improving the country’s deteriorating state of human development index. 

Non-payment to UN ‘another sign’ of economic crisis

Opposition Leader Don Polye said this following a suspension of Papua New Guinea’s voting right in the UNO, due to non-payment of its membership fee of US$180,000 (K571,000).

Polye claimed the suspension culminated with the country’s overseas missions being at the brink of closure associated with the same.

“The government pays more than K300 million as membership fees to similar other international organisations. I will not be surprised to see them facing the same issue in the months ahead,” Polye said.

Polye calls out Awesa

Following Minister Francis Awesa’s statement slamming him for misleading his Kandep people on road projects, Polye has denied playing politics with road infrastructure in his district.

Polye reiterated that the writing was on the wall, saying projects worth more than K150 million for his district were denied of when he was sacked as the Treasury Minister in March 2013.

Polye: Citizens must speak out

While speaking at Wagan Lahu village, Morobe Province, Opposition Leader Don Polye said though our forefathers set this nation on a path to prosperity, young leaders of today have steered this nation away from its intended destination.

“There’s no doubt that we are sinking fast by the day and the signs and symptoms are obvious,” Polye stated at the Nawaeb electorate.

“The country’s elite population, including the general public, must not turn a blind eye on the corruption within the system of governance and pretend that all is well.

THE Party will endorse candidates with integrity: Polye

That is the undertaking from THE Party Parliamentary and Opposition Leader, Don Polye.

Polye said the party is looking for candidates with such qualities as these, are qualities lacking in the current government.

Also parties in the Opposition will not endorse candidates to contest seats occupied by Members in Opposition benches.

Polye said, all coalition partners in the Opposition have an understanding not to oppose each other especially in certain seats now occupied by members of political parties now in the Opposition.