Divine Word University

Annual influx of parents at Divine Word Uni

The commission ceremony is a planned annual event for DWU where final year students are presented with the DWU Cross as a sign of them being appreciated and sent out to the world as DWU servants fully equipped with ethics, skills and knowledge to change the world.

It is also the special moment where the parents are invited and thanked to witness and see the students being commissioned.

Final year student wins symposium honour

Speaking to LOOP News he said research was a very important part of developments because it built and added  new ideas and findings to the knowledge of the nation.

“Research is very important towards the implementation of PNG Vision 2050,’’ he said.

Twelve presenters gave their presentations however, only two were awarded the best symposium presentation award,  Ishmael Palipal and Ms Joan Bailey who hails from Madang, and is a Communication Arts Journalism student.

Minister confirms death of longtime resident

The crash still remains under investigation.

However, Pato has expressed “sincere heartfelt sympathy on the tragic loss’’ and assured the immediate relatives of the victim that PNG officials were liaising with US authorities, and have been told to extend consular support to the immediate family.

He has affirmed that the next course of action will be undertaken once a full incident brief is furnished to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Govt chief: PNG needs committed civil servants

Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary of the Department of Personal Management (DPM), Mr John Kali said this when renewing the agreement with Divine Word University (DWU) for the university to continue offering Masters and Bachelor degree programs for public servants.

Mr Kali signed the agreement with DWU President Fr Jan Czuba at the Madang campus last Friday, paving the way for the third cohort of public servants to take up the Master of Public Administration (MPAdmin) and Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) programs this year.