Dividend payment

Shortage in foreign currencies delay dividend payments

Steamships Trading Company Limited in a statement to Port Moresby Stock Exchange notified that the interim dividend payment of 2016 will not be effected on Sept 30, 2016 for non-PNG shareholders due to the mentioned reasons.

Currently due to Bank of Papua New Guinea exchange controls there is a large back log of currency purchase orders

However, it is anticipated that payment will be effected by Oct 10, 2016 on current conversion availability.

NPCP Pays K86.4million dividend to the State through IPBC

 NPCP Managing Director Wapu Sonk while presenting dividend cheque said NPCP was proud to deliver another substantial dividend to the State through IPBC as a half yearly dividend.

“Despite the decline in oil price, NPCP was able to deliver results because we have a very small operational exposure as a new company unlike other oil and gas companies.

“Also as a State owned National Oil and Gas Company, we are proud to deliver a record K86.4m on top of K415million paid last year.