Need gift ideas?

Because everyone would agree that choosing a gift is not easy as giving the gift.

While it’s about giving with your heart, there’s always that kick in the back of your mind that wants him or her to be pleased with your gift.

So you stress on what would be the best gift to give.

Here’s a list of places to check out:

No doubt jewellery is one top choice.

AJM Jewellery & Accessories

Woman guilty for stealing over K200,000 phone credits

Glenda Nugai was found guilty by the Court today after she admitted to allegations she transferred K232,000 worth of Digicel credits on 25 different occasions to a man, known to the court as Norman Ilikis, who sold the credits.

This allegedly took place between a period of three months, from 21 Nov 2014 to Jan 31, 2015.

Digicel compliant with NICTA’s SIM registration guidelines

Digicel has commenced the registration process for all new and existing customers’ SIM cards and has been in constant contact with the NICTA to ensure the organisation is kept up to date with Digicel’s efforts to support the new process. 

Whilst the process is currently a manual one, Digicel is developing registration software which will include upgrades from a semi-automated system to a fully automated system, making it easier for customers to register online.

Digicel reaches remote South coast of WNB

The WNB Provincial Government in partnership with Digicel PNG built two Towers in the area to improve the communication services

One tower was built in Maklo in Kandrian and the other at Airagilpua in Gloucester.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel launched the two towers.

Muthuvel when speaking at the launch said we are living in the 21st century and communication is vital.

He told the people that from where he came from (India), they can excess internet, communicate with people in Kimbe and with the outside world.

Digicel CEO donates blood

Generally O Blood group is considered the Universal Donor (can be given to all blood groups).

O Negative is even rarer. The particular blood type is very useful in emergency situations where blood transfusion is needed immediately and cannot wait for cross-match results to be released.

And in fact his blood was immediately used for patients in the hospital.

The lab team has confirmed that in all these years, he is only the 3rd volunteer with this blood group stepping forward to donate blood.

Digicel is major sponsor for Women in Business Expo, 2016

Digicel presented a cheque of K50, 000 cash well as 50, 000 in kind and support to Founder of Women in Business Janet Sape at the new Women in Business warehouse located at the Steamships compound, Waigani.

Digicel Retail Director Lorna McPherson who presented the cheque  says Digicel is excited to be part of this years expo and part of the reason why they wanted to be part of the expo is because of the difference made from last years expo for women in PNG.

Brave police officer rewarded with new mobile phone

Constable Anthony Kendang and his colleagues, from the Superintendent Operations Office in Boroko, were responding to an armed robbery at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby on Monday morning.

During the robbery, an armed suspect shot him. Luckily, the bullet missed his heart when it hit his mobile phone and power pack, which was in his pocket at the time of the incident.

The lucky police officer was saved by a mobile phone, which acted as a shield for his heart when the bullet was fired.

Digicel brings in singsing groups for Mt Hagen Show

The annual event, which will be held on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August at the original Kagamuga show grounds, is expected to welcome hundreds of celebrating locals.

General Manager for Highlands Region Arthur Yen presented a K10, 000 cheque to the Mt Hagen Cultural Show Committee at the Digicel Hagen office on Thursday August 11 on behalf of Digicel.

The K10,000 will help fund 10 traditional singing groups to perform at the Mt Hagen Show next weekend. The groups will perform a variety of culturally significant songs and dances.

Digicel sets sights on future at Business Solutions Conference

The conference, which was held for Digicel Leaders in the Pacific Markets, was hosted by Gary Cobain, Head of Digicel Pacific ICT Business Solutions.

The two-day event served as a training platform for Digicel staff to increase their knowledge of business products and services to provide better solutions for Digicel’s business customers.

Gary Cobain said the conference focused on increasing awareness of the benefits technology can deliver for businesses across the South Pacific region including greater efficiencies and increased productivity.

NRL and Digicel team up to empower Pacific region

The announcement of the partnership was made today at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

The two player ambassadors of the partnership are captain of the Australian Jilaroos, Ruan Sims and PNG’s very own Stanton Albert who is playing for the Penrith Panthers in the New South Wales Cup.

The partnership has three priorities: