Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel

Treasurer refutes income tax news report

He said a recent media report indicating that those who earn up to K12,500 a year will pay 22 percent is incorrect.

“Up to K12,500 a year is TAX FREE (increased from K10 thousand and previously from K6 thousand per year),” said Abel in his Alotau District Facebook page.

“From K12,500 to K20,000 is at 22 percent. From K20,000 to K33,000 is at 30 percent.

“For example, if you earn K33 thousand per year, the first K12,500 is tax free, the amount from K12,501 to K20,000 is taxed at 22 percent, and from K20,001 to K33,000 at 30 percent.

Abel maintains Gov’t stand on royalty payments

Mr Abel in response to a question from Sinasina Yongumugl MP, Kerenga Kua on the status of the funds said the Government had nothing to hide and all funds will be release once all the clan vetting process is completed.

“The Government has been always coming up with the same reasons for not paying the landowners.

“When are you (Government) going to pay the landowners?” Kua asked.

Abel when responding to Kua during the Questions without Notice session, urged the Opposition not to repeat such questions as it was already answered by the Government many times.