Davis Steven

Housing issues plague magistrates

Minister Steven says he has asked officers within his department to get Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim to provide a report to his office for an appropriate response.

“I am aware about the funding difficulty that the Chief Magistrate is experiencing in managing our lower courts.”

He made these comments when this newsroom enquired about what his department is doing to address magistrates’ housing issues after fire gutted a unit at the Numapo Apartments at Henao Drive, Port Moresby, on February 14.

63 legal officers upskilled

The workshop was officially opened by the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davis Steven, who emphasised the important role of the Public Solicitor’s Office in providing legal aid under the Constitution to fellow Papua New Guineans.

Some of Papua New Guinea’s most senior lawyers, including His Honour, Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, former Justice Goodwin Poole and the Acting Public Solicitor, Leslie Mamu, delivered training in topics including human rights, civil and criminal trial procedure, matrimonial law, estate planning and Supreme Court appeals.

PNG judge appointed to assist SI

Minister for Justice and Attorney General and Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, Davis Steven, announced the appointment of Justice Les Gavara-Nanu to the Court of Appeals of Solomon Islands.

He said the appointment was made possible under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Judiciary of PNG and Solomon Islands.

Under the MOU, Justice Gavara-Nanu will assist the Solomon Islands Court of Appeal by performing judicial functions at least one or two weeks of every second month.

Four judges sworn in

Acting judges Thomas Anis, Danajo Koeget, Daniel Liosi and Ravunama Auka, today took their Declaration of office, loyalty and Judicial declaration before Governor General Sir Bob Dadea.

They were sworn in by the Governor General as judges of the National and Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea.

Their appointment is for a period of 10 years and was done by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission on November 3.

Early this month, the Judicial and Legal Service Commission also announced the appointment of six other judges.

New judges appointed

And four acting judges now made permanent, for the national courts of PNG.

The 10 appointments were announced today by Minister for Justice and Attorney General and chairman of the Judicial & Legal Services Commission, Davis Steven.

They are:

Hon Professor Justice Oagile Bethuel, Jim Wala Tamate, Thomas Anis, Danajo Douglas Salee Koeget, Daniel Yale Liosi, Ravunama Auka, Sinclair Peniel Gora, David Abiri Susame, John Richie Benaud Kaumi and John Kamane Numapo.

Minister Davis said this appointment brings the total of judges in the higher courts to 44.

PNG’s forefathers focused on rights: Minister

And the journey and challenge continues 42 years on, says Davis Steven, the Minister for Justice & Attorney General.

He said the PNG constitution recognises not only the UN charters but also the principles of human rights and freedom.

A human rights commission is the current government’s show of commitment to this area.

Two petitions filed against Steven

The second-term MP, had petitions filed by Glenn Tobewa and Professor, Misty Baloiloi.

In the petition filed by Glenn Tobewa, two persons have been summoned by the court to be available for the trial.

Treasurer, Dairi Vele, has also been summoned to produce copies of signed cheques before October 4, for the trial.

As for the petition filed by Professor Baloiloi, he is alleging one count of bribery and undue influence against Steven.

Aust envoy summoned over resettlement deal

In a statement, Minister for Justice & Attorney General, Davis Steven, said the objective of the meet was to put before the Australian Government PNG’s position that the existing Regional Resettlement Arrangement (RRA) for asylum seekers is current, effective and binding for both the Australian Government and PNG Government.

“Secondly, reference to the 31st October 2017 as the date of closure of the Manus Regional Processing Centre is not correct. That date has not been agreed to by the Government of this sovereign nation,” said Minister Steven.

Govt halts landing fees for Third Level Airlines to rural airstrips

That was revealed in Parliament this morning by the Minister for Civil Aviation Davis Steven. He was responding to questions asked by Goilala MP William Samb.

The Goilala Electorate in Central Province is mountainous and airstrips play an important part in service delivery because it does not have a road link.

Samb acknowledged the establishment of Rural Airstrip Agency to fix the many airstrips in his electorate but question if Government had plans to encourage airlines to operate on those routes.