Colonel Ray Numa

PNGDF confirms Manus confrontation

In a statement, Colonel Ray Numa, says those involved in the incident on Manus on Friday will be brought to justice.

The fight erupted over the use of the naval base oval, he explains.

Col Numa says residents of the regional processing centre were supposed to vacate the oval by 6pm.

“It is alleged that when they were asked to do so to enable dependents of the base to play on the oval, some of them refused to leave.

GG attends first official duty

The vice regal signed and witnessed a contract agreement signing for IPI Group to provide catering services to PNG Defence Force establishments in the country.

PNGDF acting commander, Colonel Ray Numa, and IPI Group CEO Scott O’Reilly, signed the K24.7 million contract for the company to feed the PNGDF service men and women.

“The contract signing now marks the beginning of the new contract for IPI to provide catering to the entire PNG Defence establishments for the next five years,” Colonel Numa said.    

PNGDF to enforce ‘one strike and you are out’ policy

 PNGDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Ray Numa, responded to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s directive, saying they have initiated the policy last year and will implement it once they get down to the facts.

Colonel Numa further explained that soldiers who have recently passed from the Goldie Training Depot have a two-year probationary period.

If they breach the Code of Military Discipline, the One Strike and You are Out Policy will be enforced directly on them.