Climate Change

Pacific Island leaders share climate concerns at COP23

They hope to play a key role in discussions on how to implement the 2015 Paris agreement on cutting carbon emissions and helping to prevent global warming.

Pope addresses Pacific Islands Forum leaders

Meeting some members of the Pacific Islands Forum in the Vatican, the Pope shared the concerns of those exposed to frequent extreme environmental and climate events, and the impact of rising sea levels and the continuous deterioration of the barrier reef.

He blamed many of the causes of this “environmental decay” on the short-sighted human activity… connected with certain ways ‎of exploiting natural and human resources.

Scientist in PNG to discuss climate change

Internationally-acclaimed scientist, Professor Tim Flannery, is currently in the country, providing in-depth overview of climate change and initiatives PNG can embark on.

Human influence through carbon emissions is the biggest contributor to climate change worldwide.

According to Professor Flannery, China and USA are the biggest emitters.

However, climate change is a global issue and PNG, like other countries, is obliged to join the global community combat it.

New Zealand wants to take lead on climate change, minister to tell conference

Shaw is already working on allowing Pacific people to migrate to New Zealand if climate change forces them to flee their homes.
Shaw and Pacific Peoples Minister Aupito William Sio are attending the COP23 climate change meeting in Bonn, Germany, and also heading to Rome, Italy, for a meeting between the Pacific Island Forum leaders and Pope Francis.
COP23 lead by Fiji, and focus on the threat rising seas pose to low-lying nations such as Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Fiji and Vanuatu.

Climate change should be everybody’s business

The managing director for Climate Change, Ruel Yamuna, says climate change effects needs to be broken down to reach everyone on different levels.


Climate change continues to affect our people and our country an example is of the Carteret Islanders of North Bougainville.

Recently the managing director noted that there needs to be much done on different levels.

He said the people of Papua New Guinea need to appreciate the extent of Climate Change; it is affecting us so much.

France stops its Green Fund

The decision will affect dozens of projects in France's overseas territories.

The overseas minister Annick Giradin has told the National Assembly that the next budget has no provision to feed the fund which was meant to mitigate against climate change.

Ms Girardin said her ministry cannot be the only one taking care of the effects of climate change, suggesting that other ministries and agencies share the responsibility.

The cut affects dozens of projects, including some in French Polynesia worth almost $US30 million.

Large team from Fiji heads off to COP23

Fiji's prime minister Frank Bainimarama is presiding over the 11 day long talks, known as COP 23, which starts next week.

The Fijian government said it was ensuring Fiji's "Bula" spirit is stamped on the occasion by providing cultural shows, a Fijian drua or sailing canoe in the main foyer and talanoa-style negotations.

Fiji, along with most Pacific island countries, wants to see a one-point-five-degree limit on global temperature rise above pre industrial levels.


Aust to face heat over new coal mine at Fiji climate meeting

Fiji is co-hosting the UN conference on climate change in Germany and is holding a series of preliminary meetings this week in Nadi.

Most Pacific countries have long backed limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees celsius abover pre-industrial levels, while New Zealand and Australia have committed to two-degrees in line with most other developed nations.

At the meeting, Australia is set to face criticism over the planned Adani coal mine in Queensland and PICAN's Genevieve Jiva said it should not go ahead.

Stand up as warriors of climate change!

It’s time the country joins forces with other Pacific Island countries and stand up against climate change as warriors do.

This agenda is being pushed by a group of youth who are considered the Pacific Climate Warriors.

A brief interview with David Ropa stressed on the initiative for the Pacific Climate Warriors’ Declaration on Climate Change.

He urged more women and children to sign this declaration, as they are the most affected during times of disasters.

Fighting climate change in the Pacific

​David Rupa, a young advocate in PNG, points us in the direction of

This is a youth led grassroots movement working with communities, to fight climate change from the Pacific Islands. 


A timely and urgent move.

A step in this direction is the Pacific Climate Warriors Declaration on Climate Change.

This declaration is ones commitment to a safer and better future.