Charles Abel

Abel pleased with first 25 days of 100-day plan

In a meeting with provincial governors yesterday in Port Moresby, Abel said the 100-day plan was just a guide for the government to try and deal with issues in a systematic way.

Minister Abel said the plan aims to restore fiscal discipline by paring back expenditure, growing our revenue base and moving towards a better debt portfolio mix.

He said this will help address liquidity constraints for both the public sector and in the foreign exchange market.

​Day 26 of govt’s 100-day plan

On day 26, Abel has decided to engage all governors in a dialogue process to help capture their input into the budget process.

Speaking at this morning's opening of the Provincial Governor’s Conference and 2017 Supplementary Budget talks, Abel expressed his intention of an open door policy when it comes to drawing up the national budget.

"Before each and every budget, including the 2018 budget, it is my intention to have interaction with party leaders from both sides as well as all the governors to seek their input," said Abel.

Govt’s 100 day plan will kill off economic recovery: Kua

Kua said he was shocked to learn that Treasurer Charles Abel’s “100-Day/25 Point Plan”, which has been approved by the National Executive Council, calls for the reduction of Provincial Support Improvement Programme (PSIP) and District Support Improvement Programme grants by K886 million.

“The public has been made to believe that this was a cornerstone policy of the O’Neill Government but Abel has chosen, without the benefit of any public discussion, to virtually wipe out these initiatives in one foul stroke.

Alternatives to reduce rice imports

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel said the Government is looking for alternative ways to reduce such bigger imports within the 100 Days Economic Stimulus Plan.

The 100-day plan has the primary goals of demonstrating government pro-activity in ensuring sound macroeconomic and fiscal management, restoring confidence, generating investment and moving towards greater economic self-reliance.

Abel said there are other alternatives apart from rice that people could consider and grow in the country.

Abel warns of illegal activities from agencies

 He said that there are significant revenue from government agencies that do not reach the government coffers.

“That has to change because there is only one budget in the country and all the revenue must reach the government coffers to implement this budget.

“There is no such thing as other people, non-parliamentarian or non-executive government, conducting the business of government and running separate type of Capital on the outside, bringing in claims that the government will pay.

“Such practices must stop,” the Treasurer warned.

Government to reduce PSIP and DSIP funds

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel made this announcement during the launch of the 100 Day Economic Stimulus Plan recently.

However, he said the reduction will be only temporary as the Government is committed in funding the PSIP and DSIP.

He said the details of the cut will be highlighted in the Supplementary Budget where the Government will announce in the near future.

Abel added that the Government will maintain the Ward Service Improvement Programme (WSIP) fund and continue to fund the wards across the country.

Abel launches 100 Day plan

The plan will basically try to get revenue into the Government coffers before a 2018 Budget proper is announced.

Treasurer Abel said the 100-day plan has the primary goals of demonstrating government pro-activity in ensuring sound macroeconomic and fiscal management, restoring confidence, generating investments and moving towards greater economic self-reliance.

He said while the medium term outlook is positive, the Government is determined to undertake immediate interventions after consultations with Government agencies, Development partners and the business community.

Repeal funding act 2009: Muthuvel

He said the Act, which was amended in 2012, should be repealed to allow all the provincial governments to resume collecting their own smaller tax revenue.

Muthuvel explained that, in the case of WNB, they are imposing tax on beer (20t per bottle) and cigarette (3t per stick) which brings about K2 million revenue to the provincial government per annum.

However, he said when the amendment in 2012 was implemented, the National Government, through the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), stopped the provincial governments from collecting any form of revenue.

VIDEO: Iokea Water project

Returning to his mother's village, Charles Abel opened a one hundred thousand Kina water project for the people of Iokea.


Sophie Yaruso with more 

Mangos appointment rescinded

Minister for National Planning and Acting Minister for Public & State Enterprise, Charles Abel, announced this yesterday.

Abel spoke to the media following various allegations and concerns raised by the staff of Telikom PNG and the PNG Communication Workers Association (PNG CWA) on Monday who called for the termination of Mangos and Telikom Chairman, Mahesh Patel.

Abel fronted the media to clarify the restructuring of state owned telecommunications companies in Telikom, Bemobile and DataCo