Central Province

Three suspects apprehended in alleged piracy death

Police say the three men from Tatana Village in Central Province surrendered themselves on Tuesday (August 23), telling police that there were five others who were also involved in this incident.

They had followed the deceased, his brother and his three sons, with the intention of only stealing the boat’s outboard motor. However, their confrontation with did not go as expected as the family refused to hand over the motor, said police.

This resulted in the death of the father, who police say was allegedly beaten to death and thrown into the sea.

Progress for Bihoro Clan’s ILG application

Bihoro Clan is based in the Central Province and National Capital District (NCD).

The clan of 5,000 members is made up of six villages, namely Kirakira, Mahuru and Korobosea, which are located in NCD. Madouate, Vaiagai and Furumuti are situated at Koiari, Central Province.

The application for the ILG is now launched with the Department of Lands, awaiting for objection given 30 days’ notice.

Breakthrough in Port Moresby alleged piracy, murder case

A reliable source told Loop PNG that police yesterday took back the motor stolen from the boat at a Motu-Koita village. They would not name the village in case the suspects are alerted.

The source added that police intelligence have already identified witnesses and potential suspects in the stealing and murder of the boat owner from Roku Village, in the Kairuku – Hiri electorate of Central Province.

NCD police boss Ben Turi told Loop PNG yesterday that eyewitnesses had already come forward with helpful information on the attackers.

Participants complete Kokoda for Kidneys trek

It is an initiative to raise funds for prominent radio broadcaster, Roger Hau’ofa.

Hau'ofa’s daughter and team leader of the K4K team, Michelle Hau'ofa, says her father has been diagnosed with kidney failure and at the moment, there is no support of any sort, let alone kidney treatment, in PNG.

Michelle says they cannot get into the kidney foundation treatment because there are only two machines at running capacity. They also have to pay K1000 for a dialysis session at a private hospital and it's out of reach for most Papua New Guineans.

POMNA downs Central in U15 netball championships

From the opening whistle, Central appeared to be more organised across the court, controlling the play for much of the opening minute with quick passes and steady foot work. 

That was not enough when the POMNA girls snatched back after settling into the game and cutting of the passes with intercepts as POMNA goal shooter steadied herself under the Central goal line to notch a quick succession of goals.

At the break POMNA led Central 12-8.

As the match continued it was anyone’s for the taking going goal for goal  as the second half headed up.

Central students attending Unitech to be repatriated

The 70 students will return home while issues are being sorted following the killing of a student and  arson that happened on campus at the weekend.

The first batch of 30 students will arrive in the morning and will be met by the Central Governor Kila Haoda and Central Provincial Administrator Gei Guni Raga.

The rest of the students will arrive later on during the day.

Their tickets have been issued directly by the Governor and the provincial government as the safety of students is paramount.

Clan undergo NID requirements for ILG

This is by getting registered with the Papua New Guinea National Identification (PNG NID) and obtaining a birth certificate and National Identification (NID) card.

The process is now underway and the NID officers issued the first 87 NID cards yesterday along with 200 birth certificates.

The clan of 5, 000 members is made up of six villages: Kirakira, Mahuru and Korobosea located in NCD and Madouate, Vaiagai and Furumuti located at Koiari.

Central Province leads the way in bench warrant execution

This has been attributed to community involvement, says criminal judge Justice Panuel Mogish.

“There is too much talk and not enough action. Central Province is leading the way in executing bench warrants.”

He said while the country’s focus was on its problems and at Waigani over the past four weeks, there are positive developments in Central province, especially with the courts. 

Community involvement has made the province lead the way in the execution of bench warrants, compared to other provinces, including the National Capital District.

Law enforcement authorities must be law abiding

He called on all personnel in the law and justice sector to abide by the law and respect it to be respected in return.

“I want to remind you all police personnel, soldiers and wardens that the uniform you wear, it is not yours. It belongs to the 7 million people of Papua New Guinea,” he told officers in a parade before the start of a court user’s forum.

“Everyone contributes to that uniform you wear, it is public property. A lot of times, we hear news of policemen doing the wrong things, we don’t need that.

Grade 12 students experience practical side of courtroom

They were part of the public that attended the court user forum that was conducted by Criminal Judge, Justice Panuel Mogish today in Bereina.

Legal studies teacher, Ms Lisa Api, told Loop PNG her students’ attendance today was to experience the practical side of what goes on in a courtroom.

Located three hours out of Port Moresby, she said this is the first time a class from Mainohana, in particular legal studies students, get to see what goes on in the National Court.