Central Province Governor

Governor backs Papua Land Rights Advocacy Group

Speaking at a July 10 briefing in the Central Provincial Government headquarters at Konedobu, Port Moresby, Agarobe highlighted that he has submitted a petition to parliament in June last year as drivers for the provincial development goals, in which much of the visions are captured in the petition.

“What I want is an entity or a body to be set up to bring this information to the Parliamentary Select Committee. Let’s put our heads together so we can bring this to the Committee to deliberate on, this is our only opportunity.”

Central Governor encourages team work


Governor Agarobe met with the Chief Executive Officers of the five districts recently, and said it was important to know his team and develop a common interest in serving the people of Central Province.

The Central Governor was keen on an open door policy, where any member of the Provincial Management team can talk to him about matters affecting their people, so that change can happen.

He also shared plans of rebranding the province, where any requests or proposals from districts and communities, must come direct from the office of open members only.

Market access for locals

He says his people struggle to bring their produce into the city to sell, but this time he plans on cutting off that burden by creating intervention measures at the district level.

This was one of his many agendas highlighted during the official swearing in ceremony of Central Province leaders into the provincial assembly yesterday.

The Central Governor, along with the other 4 national Central province leaders, were officially welcomed to the Central Provincial Assembly.

PNG failed its people many times: Haoda

Disaster is now and must be attended to now, says Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda.

According to him, people wait for months before relief arrives.

“This is a very serious issue…we need to change, we need a better system.

“We must have funds parked on the side all the time for natural disasters so when it strikes, we can quickly attend to it now rather than later (months later).”