Cancer foundation

Cancer has no gender

This was part of the message today from the PNG Cancer Foundation who carried out a cancer awareness drive at the Digicel PNG Headquarters in Port Moresby.

Loyla Mathew a health Educator with the Cancer foundation encouraged staff present at the session to be mindful of the factors leading up as well as signs and symptoms of cancer.
The cancer awareness drive today was focused on creating awareness not just among women, but among men folk as well.

Emphasis was placed on men changing the perception that cancer was a women’s health agenda.

Cancer Foundation launches Pink Ribbon lunch

In a statement, the PNGCF says it will focus on creating awareness on cancers that affect women in PNG through the Pinktober- Womens Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

This will run through the month of October.

PNGCF CEO, Dadi Toka Jnr in his remarks during the launch, thanked sponsors for the launch of the Pink Ribbon Lunch for 2017.

He said that with the current statistic from the PNG Institution of Medical Research stating that two women die every day from cervical cancer. This is a vital campaign.”

PNGCF to mark Daffodil Month with charity event

Daffodil Month is aimed at providing hope for a healthier nation by encouraging Papua New Guineans to challenge themselves to reduce their risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices.

The PNG Institute of Medical Research estimates that 1 in 10 deaths in PNG are cancer-related.

PNG Cancer Foundation chief executive officer Dadi Toka Jr encourages everyone to get involved by making healthy lifestyle choices to live better lives.