Bougainville MPs unite for referendum

The four leaders including newly sworn in Member for South Bougainville Timothy Masiu, Minister for Information and Communication Jimmy Miringtoro, Member for North Bougaiville Lauta Atoi and Minister for Bougainville Affairs Joe Lera, for the first time in history were brought together.

All leaders shared similar sentiments of Bougainville and the lead up to referendum but what was akin to them all was that finally they could share and air their interests and feel included in driving the processes to a successful referendum ‘together’.

Bougainville’s Mt Bagana spews out ash

The surrounding jungles, especially the leaves on trees are all covered in volcanic ash.

Drinking water has also gone scarce due to little creeks being covered in ash, and permanent houses were forced to remove the rain gutters away from tanks, because the roof tops are all covered in ash too.

Head of Red Cross mission on Bougainville Stanley Hasagoni told PNG Loop that it wasn’t that too bad but they have to be prepared in future because it is predicted the worst could come.

Bougainville fury over Rio Tinto grows

The company split its shares between the autonomous provincial government and the national government in Port Moresby.

But Bougainville is furious that it was not given all the shares, and that Rio Tinto said it is was no longer obliged to do anything about the damage caused by the Panguna mine, which sparked a civil war that lasted through the 1990s.

The province hoped to reopen the mine as a way to generate revenue should it vote to become independent from PNG after a referendum scheduled for 2019.

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PNG Power staff arrested for claims of stealing

Police have arrested a PNG Power Limited (PPL) employee for allegedly stealing K38, 000 from the company between 2014 and 2015.

AROB sets up committee to account for ‘missing persons’

AROB’s cash crop farmers urged make quality produce for cash

A lot of cocoa and copra have been rejected despite the production getting higher throughout the region from North to South.

A cocoa farmer from the west coast of Bougainville Patrick Miaro said his area makes quality Cocoa because they follow all procedures and make no mistake about it, and they listen carefully to awareness by extension officers.

“It’s about time we put Bougainville back on the world map and to do that we must  deliver good results in the end of the day from our products like cocoa,” Miaro said.

Ball rolling on Bougainville referendum

The date has been agreed on in a breakthrough meeting between the PNG central government and Bougainville's regional government co-chaired by PNG prime minister Peter O'Neill and Bougainville president John Momis.

Under the terms of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, a referendum must be conducted in Bougainville before mid-2020.

President Momis said that although the date could not yet be finalised, due to various legal steps required to be taken first, it would be impossible to plan the referendum without a target date.

Illegal fishing boat concerns islanders

The fishing boat, of Asian origin, has now stirred up fear amongst islanders as the boat’s crew is suspected of being in possession of firearms.

A disaster coordinator on Bougainville said the ship was sighted by locals and has been there for quite a while now.

“We received the report and alerted the police here in Buka, a joint task force was formed consisting of members of the Bougainville Police Service and ex-combatants, who were then deployed to inspect and do reconnaissance work,” Franklyn Lacey said.

Bougainville’s alluvial miners want licensed buyers

Most con artists and bogus buyers have been coming in and lying to most alluvial miners about prices that are beyond ones imagination.

An alluvial miner from the Karato area George Diba told PNG Loop that a lot of gold miners have been tricked and duped by certain conniving agents.

“We have been told that unimaginable prices like K200 to K500 per gram was available and that is not legitimate these are lies we have been told, by certain people who get mind boggled when they see money,”  Diba said.

Marijuana a major obstacle in Bougainville

The drug network on Bougainville has now spilled over into the neighbouring Solomon Islands and drugs are now being smuggled over the border.

A former drug trafficker who wishes to remain anonymous told PNG Loop that the trend is really getting out of hand, and tougher penalties need to be imposed.

 “I use to do that before but now I have dedicated and given myself to the Lord, but according to my observation this is really getting out of hand,” he said.

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You must have concrete evidence, says PM O’Neill

I am not going to allow the Office of the Prime Minister to be demeaned, questioned when they are false allegations.


Police confirms 12 deaths after plane crash in Kiunga

Twelve people, including three children and the pilot, who crashed on Wednesday, are all confirmed dead.