Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC)

Time is of the essence!

Time is of the essence as the people of Bougainville have only six months left before they go to the polls on October 12th.

Though the Government has pledged K30 million to BRC – which was to be paid in three tranches – the Commission has only received K8.7 million of the funding.

Chief Referendum Officer, Mauricio Claudio, said April 11th was the deadline for the second tranche. The third K10 million is expected no later than May 11th.

B’ville voter roll preps underway

In doing so, the Bougainville Referendum Commission (BRC) has partnered with Autonomous Bougainville Government’s Department of Community Government to ensure all eligible Bougainvilleans were registered to vote in the referendum.

“It is our priority that all eligible electors are included on the referendum voter roll,” said co-chair of Bougainville Referendum Commission Transitional Committee (BRC-TC) and Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu.